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  • 25 years ago I enjoyed Madden NFL '94 gameplay on the SNES. The AI was the best it's ever been, the presentation was top notch, the graphics could not be bettered at that time, and above all it was fun! The only downside was local coop vs today's online PvP lagfest, again probably more fun, certainly less frustrating! :p
  • The mind boggles...
  • Heavy influx of Easter sale noobs disrupting the PvP ELO/latency/DDA flows?
  • The green 'run side' box or the red 'no advantage' overlay box will not be shown pre-snap.
  • In MUT, or another mode?
  • Do you get Twitch drops for any other non-Madden game ie SoT? Amazon Prime monthly drops working implies that it must be a tracking issue in your case, not "connections" that EAHelp always bang on about. Your 'viewing' is simply not registering with Amazon. This is nothing that EA can fix themselves on your behalf, nor can…
  • Look in your binder; you get a collectible card, that when you quicksell it grants +1 first down and unlocks those new challenges.
  • Yeah @Neo_Novalis I hear that. This year my interest in MUT has already dwindled significantly. Last year I lasted until the draft promo. This year I will stop much, much sooner, 100% before 1st May. Although NFL is my favourite sport, and even expecting next-gen version on pc for M22, I am firmly in the "Madden's more…
  • * If it bothers you that much, you can turn off chat within M21 settings. * EA's block/mute function in their franchises has been pathetic for years, so don't rely on it. You'll still get matched/coop-d with them. * Welcome to the Twitch generation, it's too easy for plyrs to hide behind their monitors and abuse others…
  • Your problems may not be mine, but it does sound as though you rely on wifi for M21, so an ethernet test is a sensible one. Higher download speeds are rarely the holy grail to PvP online gaming, it's throughput that solves more issues. Just 'borrow' a long enough Cat6+ ethernet cable (friend/Amazon/IT shop/workplace) to…
  • I have not the answer. When you log into Amazon (prime) gaming and click the cog do you see your Twitch handle? In twitch do you see the Amazon and EA connections active?
  • Rivalz = Stadium/uni chems; broken. We will never reach 7 rivalz tokens in time to make any reward worthwhile now. Frankly, considering the Covid-19-working-from-home issues this year, i'm amazed EA got so many promos out at all. Credit where it's due! 👏
  • Sad for you if you are American. I play from Europe. PvP kicks are a lottery for me due to geographical latency, despite 0% packet loss. Either do-able the entire game pressing 0.5 seconds too early, or 🤬 the entire game. The next game 60 seconds may be the total contrast. I am forced to try for risky and unwanted…
  • My personal fave was a gold rated passer QB roll-out and sprint 70yds for a TD. Needless to say my 95ovr defence couldn't catch and tackle him during those 70yds. Click on's went to plyrs miles away too. My 96ovr Lamar has never shifted gear that fast! 🏎 He can, however, throw to the right sideline CB, rather than the…
  • Plenty of ToTY yesterday in the Trade Block, well on pc anyway. If your desired ToTY is not up, just make sure to state which player you actually want when you list a request. Applies to the 14x ToTW set, not the ToTY grind that is NAT.
  • For sure, more player feel and less top-down would be enjoyable to me. More player, less manager. I dabbled with the game's zoomed-in-flatter camera view playing as RB for that reason, to try and get a better feel for the role and perhaps learn to shoot the gaps easier; but for QB without the wider view it was impossible…
  • End of half punts out of bounds too.
  • They sure do, including at the end of quarters for me recently.
  • I had to fill out my theme team with many PUs of players on other teams and rely on their historic team chemistry to pad out my ThT. Have you considered this?

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