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  • 30 donuts - No Mutant **** - Yes Donut Torture device - Yes Hugo - Yes Spooky House - Yes Bulldozersaurus - Yes Hover-Copter - no, but about 1230 ray guns away Grand Pumpkin - Yes Pumpkin House - Yes (from last year) Rigellian Hut & Queen - TBD when released Weapon level - 23 Rigellian Bushes - 9 from treat bags Spooky…
  • 51 chocolate bars left for grand pumpkin!!! Already have 100+ gummy bears, 163/300 fences towards spooky house as well!
  • A HUGE help, ufo gave me 20 chocolate bars, which consider how slow the bags give them out, this is quite helpful. Had rather good luck tapping overnight, bags every 2-4 taps, 1 human test subject in a bag, 3 more shrubs also. Picked up Hugo late monday as well as the DTD! Gonna hold off on my grem-aliens though for the…
  • 100% hugo as long as you have the required crafting items! Slowly working towards Giant pumpkin, those damn chocolate bars take foreverrrrr lol too bad it wasnt gummy bears, almost have 700 of those things lol now at for GP 400/400, 219/350, 259/300 Just got my first human test subject, set of 3 walls, and my second shrub…
  • If you win 30 from a ufo shooting, i'd say go for hugo, donuts you never had in the first place right? Unless there is something else you've had your eye on to save up for
  • Hugo is mine!!!!! Had my premium kids finish a trick or treat, and got the last few eggs! Now onto the grand pumpkin and spooky house!
  • Same here, just probes, pumpkins and gummy bears. Congrats OP on the win though!
  • Thank you sir! I'll have no probs on the gummy bears with over 600 lol. Ufo's aside from probes and the odd pumpkin reward, was mostly gummy bears for me, hence so many
  • What are the requirements for the SH?
  • Sounds like me! i'm all of 4 rotten eggs away from hugo as of right now! grand pumpkin is getting closer now too, 400/400, 213/350, 251/300. Can't wait for Hugo! Here comes hugo, here comes hugo, right down evergreen terrace, lol! up to 6950 probes before doing my daily neighbour visit. Keep up the good work all & keep us…
  • +1 for the heads up! I'll get him probs when I wake up and collect from trick or treat time! Under 30 left in the 2 categories I need!
  • Having the premium kids def helps out alot, getting the gold and silver bags, over the bronze or silver ones. Seems everyone isnt too far off my numbers in needing Hugo or the giant pumpkin. Hopefully i'll get Hugo tomorrow after a couple trick or treats finish! Keep up the tapping everyone, we'll get there soon!
  • Yes, thats correct. I get chocolate bars from gold the majority of the time, and part of the time from silver bags. Just not many of them in a bag, hence why it's my lowest of my totals for crafting. I constantly send all my kids both freemium/premium to trick or treat as often as they can go.
  • That's not too bad at all! I find the chocolate bars soooo hard to get a decent amt of them. That's gonna be the last thing I need for sure! But keep up the good work, you arent too far behind me!
  • "bout 45-50 now..Usually I have good luck on these wheels/boxes on winning everything in a timely fashion, but for some reason she continues to elude me big time! lol
  • Play everyday, usually 1-4 times daily. Add me up! Lots of room on the friends list. DMoney2124
  • Madame's doesnt cost donuts tho..
  • You must finish the first task, then all the other content is released.
  • Tunnel of love is a little bigger than the elves ride give or take. Not overly big. Yes, you can continue to spin the wheel as much as you'd like to and obtain multiples of the items.
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