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  • Yeah, this event is rather lame and I'm astonished that they're charging donuts for crappy walls and such. Pathetic.
  • Likely an irrational fear of FGTQFS because its a game that is now competing against TSTO whereas Futurama doesn't have a TSTO like game in the running. It's a territorial thing kinda like when a head of household feels threatened when someone intrudes upon their domain. Oh and some people are just too *-retentive and…
  • The only turds who keep bellowing how the US is the greatest country on earth are most of the GOP representatives and their mouthbreathing, knuckledragging, sheeplike followers. Ya know, the low info voters who watch FOX and like to dress up in try-corner hats with tea bags hanging from them. The rest of the country is…
  • So are you complaining about free players who want everything free or are you complaining about paying customers expressing dissatisfaction with prices or anything else a paying customer has the right to express discontent with. Or is it both Or is it you just think nobody should be able to complain at all about this game…
  • Shouldnt the brown house be inside the prison walls. Seems like the conjugal visit you mentioned would be an ideal time to just, you know.....escape. 8)
  • Fair enough I suppose. That's actually highlights an issue I've always found with poll threads on here. The poll should come after the first post/ explanation. I think we've all answered the poll to then realize after reading the detailed question at hand that we would have voted different. I'm sure EA will get right on…
  • If your gonna house farm (though I don't) I would say pick a building that has a payout time that works with your schedule for example the white houses payout every twelve hours. Otherwise if that's not a constraint then I recommend picking whatever you find most appealing to look at cuz they will grate on your nerves over…
  • I didn't get that notification, I'm super jealous. :mrgreen: Btw, I'm also super offended that they would make fun of people who play games alone. Ok not really , it's hilarious. :lol: 8)
  • If you reread the first post it says Simpsons or other show. It's just random generic nothingness vs trademarked and beloved known characters/shows. So you should have said NO. As homer would say. D'oh! :lol:
  • So much for ruining your precious 4th of july event. :roll: :lol: You must be feeling kinda foolish about now. :mrgreen:
  • As a day one player I agree and also wonder the same.
  • Its been a long while for me personally but I seem to recall paying for all the land I have. In fact the last couple strips were rather pricey. How's that free stuff? And how does wanting or needing more land or even talking about it on the games official forum make anyone leeches? Any intelligent person rightly…
  • I was about to post the same thing and would also add that the most offensive and insulting comments deserving of mod action in this thread have come from those two. As a contributing forum member I would like to see a mod take care of this right away. :mrgreen: They dont realize Josh is providing satire as his bait and…
  • I have two lemon trees as well. @OP, Tell EA customer service I said you could have my extra one, if that helps.
  • ^^^^^ This I expected and hoped for this as well especially seeing how they already have ghost animations from Halloween events past. Was rather disappointed I tell ya. :(
  • I'm surprised at your response especially in light of your very nicely done signature block. The OP is clearly a one hit wonder that fits the definition of a TROLL to a tee. I would have thought you might have admonished us for filling the trough but not for what was put in the trough. ~I do admit I did not read all the…
  • The last two times I went over 3000 I didn't lose any emblems. They carried over. So perhaps I was fast as another poster related or this glitch isn't effecting everyone. When in doubt and emblems are desperately needed then caution is best observed.
  • Recently I dropped below 30 million and was in full on panic mode. :mrgreen: I do however fondly remember the olden times when I didn't even have enough cash to purchase one piece of brown fence. I was devastated at the time but I've finally gotten past it. 8)
  • OP, really? You are just trolling right? Are you new to the Simpsons, or comedy? Pretty much every character type in this game is a caricature of that group. I was born and raised in the south and I see the teabagger bigots to the left of me and the right of me. Seen it all my life and am truly embarrassed by them and yet…

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