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  • Me too. I tried the password reset thing and it got me back into the forums (great!) but not the game :(. I get "An error occurred processing the login. Please retry." every time I try to log in. iOS 10 on iPad if that makes a difference.
  • It sure would be nice if Marge the Witch had an event related task too as she is a premium halloween character too :(
  • You need to find a geeky friend, bribe them with a nice dinner (or a group of nice dinners) and hope they can either clean your machine or help you reload it since it does indeed sound like you have a virus.
  • Please note I didn't say it was impossible - I got in with the iPad 3. The iPhone 5 merely increases the chance for success. It's a glitch. There is no hard or fast rule - at least one hasn't surfaced yet :P
  • It does kind of makes sense - the resolution of the glitch appears to be dependent on your device having enough free memory. The iPhone 5 and iPad 4 with lightning connector have the most RAM - 1 GB - of any iOS device, but the iPhone 5 has a smaller screen so that takes less RAM - ergo the iPhone 5 has the potential for…
  • Let's see if this link works: http://translate.google.com/?hl=en#la/en/%22Non%20sinas%20Idiotae%20ruinam%20die%20tua%22
  • When you first got back in after the glitch, it used to loop on the bonus donut screen until it eventually crashed again (you'd pick a box of donuts, collect, and then it would ask you to pick another box of donuts, collect, lather, rinse, repeat) - and then it would work "normally" after that second crash. Sounds like the…
  • I like it!
  • And if that does happen then it's too bad that EA is too stupid to see that they are ceding quite a bit of control to an obviously disturbed person. It will be interesting to see what, if anything, is done on Monday since it's clear no one monitors anything over the weekend. I think I'm going to put this in my signature:…
  • lol - Then how about these words? http://lifehacker.com/5986087/science-explains-why-the-silent-treatment-works-when-dealing-with-jerks-and-why-its-healthier-for-you-too I thought it was timely...
  • Or a purple Zoidburg tripping with a box of an alternate universe falling on you.... I'd love a Bloom County Tapped Out (Bill the Cat would be hilarious) but I fear I'm in what is now a very awkward niche. Oh well - I really like Futurama too so it's all good.
  • Why do so many people feel compelled to tell others what to do or think? Indeed :P
  • As you bump it too. Love it! Look, things will die out when they do. If you want them to die quicker then don't contribute. And admonishing others about contributing is contributing too.
  • The working theory is that the iPhone 5 has a higher success rate since it has the highest amount of free memory of any iOS device (the iPhone 5 and new lightning connector iPad 4 each have 1GB of RAM, but the iPhone 5 has a smaller screen which requires less RAM). If you force all your apps to quit and reboot your phone,…
  • It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone - they are very up front about it in the terms of service that it's unmoderated. Which is stupid and inane IMNSHO - better to have nothing than a cesspool of chaos. But what do I know...
  • A perfect storm? Er, that didn't sound right...
  • He's not over there any more, thankfully. This forum is a low priority for EA. It's moderated part time - and then when it is moderated it's rather uneven since it tends to go from total chaos to iron fist then quickly back into total chaos. I guess for me since the "other forum" is moderated by other fellow Tapped Out…
  • Yup, you may get back in on something other than an iPhone 5 (I finally got back in on my iPad 3) - but this bug seems highly sensitive to available memory, and the iPhone 5 has the potential for the most free RAM of any of the iOS devices at the moment due to the base amount of RAM it has (1 GB) and the smaller screen…
  • Try late at night or early in the morning (north american time if you are elsewhere in the world) - the load on the Origin servers seems to be somewhat related to it, along with the benefit of the iPhone 5 having more RAM. And if you do try the iPhone 5 thing, I recommend turning off the auto lock, setting air plane mode…
  • It depends. Sure, you might be able to gross more from Purple - but if you miss a couple of collections then you really aren't netting that much now, are you? Personally I prefer white houses. You can pack twice as many into the same square of land, and hitting my game twice a day is pretty easy so I net far more with them…

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