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  • Apparently there's over 700 items in my box. I refreshed it twice, had one shot and got the whale. I'm now sittin with my feet up on my desk smokin a cigar 😎 😂
  • I went with Senor Ding D0ng. Hopefully have enough donuts before the sign leaves the vault :)
  • I hate the mystery boxes, they make me spend all my donuts :D I'm a freemium player and average about 30 donuts a day. I'd saved about 550 for the boxes and ended up needin 560 to get everythin. I'm more than happy with what I got though :)
  • Usually I like the snow, not now though because I can never find Maggie in it. I've lost out on valuable donuts due to it
  • Why's everybody so excited about him, what does he do? I've got 10 things in my box and only 165 donuts. Should I be riskin them to try and get him?
  • Back to the SH grind it is then
  • I didn't know there was a SH hidden bonus so I've built all the buildings I didn't have. Do I just need to build them or fully upgrade them?
  • Ok after years of reading this forum, gettin tips from it but refusing to ask for any pm's to bail me out I've finally caved. I missed out on Sgt Skinner and look like missin out on a lot more this act, so if the pm boss can help me out then it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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