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  • Just to update everyone, EA fixed the game today for me 9/20, with the initial issue noticed on 8/1. They did not do a rollback, but instead actually fixed the issues. I was very impressed. Everything was fixed except for the money mountain, which was half fixed. However..... I'm now in an infinite dialogue loop,…
  • I am experiencing the same problem. It began right after using shovels in the old Timetravel submission.
  • Already requested a roll back. They couldn't get my account to rollback and EA refuses to try again. So you can keep saying the same thing.
  • The most recent update did not fix the issue. I'm also hoping for a patch before the Halloween update since we can't even buy characters with the events until a patch comes out. However, EA claims they've been working on this since my issue Aug 1st, but nothing has come out yet. I suspect that they won't bother. If no…
  • For what it's worth, I've had this problem since the 1st of August. They tried the roll back, to no avail. After some time I had a "specialist" call and email me. They ended up getting nowhere and then sent me up the chain to some special specialist. I haven't heard back. I was also told not to contact via the same problem…
  • I gave them a call and they said they would rollback the game, but for some reason the game hasn't rolled back yet. The mentioned that they would escalate my case since the problem is ongoing. It's disappointing that I have to lose the week's progress with the new update, as I was looking forward to the Rock items from the…
  • I have the same issue. After the Homerpalooza update came out, I received the Duff Gardens offer and got a message saying that I could access old missions. However, I simultaneously: 1) Lost the ability to buy things from the current event, like Bleeding Gums Murphy 2) Can't quick link to a character by clicking on their…
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