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  • Here's what I've done. Rather pleased with the two-story look and the elevated fountains. I'd planned to surround it with Springfield Heights buildings, but that never happened.
  • Yes! Still there! Callooh! Callay! Thank you, observant forum-dwellers! I've still got plenty of yearbook goodies to go....
  • I'm not sure, but that might have been the point at which Homer needed to walk home to start his task. In any case, after building the house I had a short lag before dialog started up again.
  • Up and running at 9 AM ET! First tasks use Homer and Ned, plus a collection of currency-earners. Lisa and Quimby participated the opening dialog as well, but I don't know if they needed to be un-tasked.
  • I'll probably just get meme-d again, but I still say they should let us buy land with KL tickets, and set the max based on the old max size of Krustyland. The land price can ramp up as you buy more spaces, just as it ramps up as you buy more houses.
  • For those of us who had compact or unfinished Krustylands, EA could give us the ability to buy land tokens with KL tickets, up to the max number of un-bought spaces we had in our Krustylands.
  • Alright, I see what happened. There's a "St. Paul's Cathedral" AND a "St. Paul's Basilica" in this event, and the latter should indeed be named "St. Peter's Basilica." I guess everyone else here already knew that. Sorry for confusing things.
  • OK, so I guess I can't insert images that way. Here's a link: https://dropbox.com/s/6847hlgush7z3d6/Cathedrals.png?dl=0
  • OK, maybe I'm behind the curve. Did they change the model that's in the files? In this image, the TSTO building associated with the name "St. Paul's Cathedral" on... another site... is in the middle. On the left is St. Peter's in Rome, and on the right is St. Paul's in London. St. Paul's made sense in context, since on...…
  • The TSTO building design seems to be based on St. Paul's Cathedral in London. It's an Anglican cathedral rather than Catholic, so nothing to do with Rome or the pope. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St_Paul%27s_Cathedral
  • Well. That was something. Thanks for the feedback, everyone. Trying to communicate through the game was a fascinating experiment; like 3D building or town design generally, the challenge is to figure out how to do something clever with limited resources that are intended for other purposes. Next time around, though, if I…
  • It's not just a wall: (Some other areas of my town are a mess, but if anyone wants to see more, I've got some friend slots available.) If someone is bothered by politics or national symbols, then yeah, they're going to occasionally react negatively to Simpsons stuff. Not going to tell anyone to stop playing, though!
  • Here's what's in my town for now (if this link works): I do in fact care quite a bit about the outcome of this election... but high voter turnout generally favors my party anyway, so I'll likely just stick with this message. :)
  • Interesting response! My attitude had been that since the writers are willing to make their political leanings apparent, it would be within the spirit of the game for a player to do the same. Until I've had a chance to think this through (and wrangle a way to post images, since apparently my go-to method doesn't work any…
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