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  • Man this type of stuff has been happening for yearssssss. Certain cover 2's your corners will bail down field when they are supposed to stay put and cover the damn flats! Even in cover 3 when someone has a flat coverage whether it be a safety or linebacker, and you adjust to "underneath" so they are assigned specifically…
  • Dude this be happening alllll the time. I played a friend who close to never plays this game and i normally blow out no contest, but every game here and there the game will be tight and my team just plays like booty. I will have an INT perfectly lined up, user the defender and he either wont move or flat out wont even…
  • absolutely agree, this game is hardly about skill anymore. on D you just gotta run around the middle of the field holding triangle til you suck in the ball from out of position
  • Lmao goes to show you how much actual football these guys watch. I'm an Indy fan and know they have excelled more this year at running the ball with Mack,Hines and even Wilkins and have struggled to pass the ball when T.Y is injured, and Brissett has been lambasted for not over throwing, holding onto the ball too long and…
  • Yesssss thissss. It feels like the last time I had games like this where you had to use football IQ to win a game rather than taking advantage of poor programming was way back on PS2 days
  • Lmao you get more pressure out of big dime with 3 down linemen and in cover 4 lol
  • Lol how is this game enjoyable at all with constant garbage like this happening?
  • They turned off penalties such as holding, clipping and P.I in H2H like 2 years ago. Cause you know, its EA and if its in the game...its not in Madden
  • My dude, i been saying for years now that this game doesnt require football IQ and skill anymore, its who can manipulate the poor programming better. Thats why when you watch these top players at Madden tournaments they only have like 3-4 plays they run with some audible routes that trick the AI into leaving them uncovered
  • Plain and simple, the game has gone stale. I know exactly what the OP is talking about, i used to play game after game after game of madden win or lose. Now I find even when i win a game im just glad the circus act is over and dont want to sit through another 40 mins of **** and players being manipulated for some simulated…
  • Thisssssssss
  • Im unbiased, and can see when the game is going my way and can actually tell when im gonna beat someone or blow them out all from things going absolutely right for me, and bad for them. Its like people sometimes play this game with blinders and refuse to see this game is a hot mess now. The play through during games feel…
  • Lol i been saying for years there's some sort of scripting in this game because playing through doesn't feel organic like it used to back in the day when you actually had to have some football I.Q. to outsmart one another. Now you got elite qbs over throwing wide open drag routes, receivers seem to not be able to hold onto…
  • Ya and mixed in hand that these devs dunno the actual rules it can be a nightmare. i got receivers catching the ball, getting smoked before taking a step and the ball gets knocked out and ruled a fumble, it's horrendous
  • done playing until this is nerfed, absolutely out of hand
  • lol in the game? This isnt even football anymore, there are 0 penalties when you play online, every play has pass interference but nevvvver called. You cant challenge plays at all anymore, and what happened to the refs? Lol please let someone else make a decent football game because EA has made it quite clear its only…
  • They must know this is broken, its going on 3 years. Last season i could see my own stats on and off, but now its completely non existent
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