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  • Like i said, its quite clear they are trying to push those of us who play H2H online towards the MUT the game mode where people spend money on. Very dirty tactic, but its what theyre doing by taking apart online H2H bit by bit. Madden 21 will surely have something else missing from H2H mark my words
  • Lol, I am strictly online H2H from 03-04 up until now, and even i know the majority now does not play online H2H and play MUT or MUT online. Thats where the money is at because all the casual or average players are mostly 13-23 yr olds who beg for mom and dads CC to buy packs of the best players. That mode single handedly…
  • I legit freak about this every time! Certain cover 2s the corner will drop back 15-20 yards even when there's no threat behind him and leave the underneath, specifically where he's supposed to defending, completely open. But then other times they're there for a pick 6, the game is suppppppppper inconsistent!
  • Flats coverage in most cover 2s is almost always broken. The corners will bail and cover someone else 20 yards behind them not in their zone, been like this a few yrs. Just 1 of many broken things in the game
  • If you're playing online, it could be your internet connection that causes some lag, so when you press power then accuracy it doesn't register in real time.
  • Gone are the days when you could user your WR and use stick skills to adjust to the ball like in real life. Now its just throw the ball and let the animations do the work. Your receiver could have the defender beat, but nope, AI slides the defender into position magically and allows them to make the play on the ball. Its…
  • Dude, stuff like this leads me to believe that these programmers and others who make the game, dont actually watch football because they get alottttttt of these calls messed up in the game. For example, majority of the dropped balls i see happen by receivers in this game are fumbles. They make an open catch take like 4-5…
  • Um can we get penalties such as Pass Interference, holding, and clipping back in the game.Its ridiculous you guys are giving games to people over no calls where there should be calls. Get this linebacker super jump out the game and into the garbage please. There is zero skill in this game anymore, just people running…
  • Same exact thing happened last year. But why are the trophies the exact same as last years version? lmao year to year they usually switch it up, but this just goes to show you how much effort they put into the game season to season.
  • Same. Especially when you just want to exit after some a loss
  • Lol geez relax bud. No, but im sure its known issue and they will likely solve it with a patch.
  • it happens on PS4 as well
  • Back on PS2, they had this lil thing called Fair Play, which added realism to the game. No going for it on every 4th and 20 on your own 10 when you have the lead or tie games, no players who are on the IR in real life, and whatever else. If you didn't like it, you simply go play un-ranked. I couldn't stand when they had it…
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