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  • I've stopped spending because of this new squid port update, you can't afford to spend. There is all those water squares, then you have to gradually buy those wooden sections to expand, then there is the buildings. It's not cheap the water sections I've noticed some of them are as high as 100K which is ridiculos but ohh…
  • Thank you! it occured to me to store the itchy and scratchy building after I posted this and it prompted the quest. now it's building malaria zone :)
  • thank you for this! unfortunately for me, after the itchy and scratchy building my game didn't go any further which sucks it just finished after squidport pt. 5.
  • oh strange, I guess this is the first time they have premium items locked too before they used to just let you get them regardless of where you were in the game.
  • I wanted to ask, how many extra blocks of land/water did we receive with this new update? Also all the buildings and new items are locked marked quest. Does this mean they all can be bought with in-game cash and there are no premium items? Thanks for answering all these questions!
  • Unfortunately I wasn't really on the forum or the game for a while, and I only saw squidport announced on the facebook page.
  • Awww this sucks I have all my characters on 24hr quests I wont be able to take part until tomorrow morning :(
  • I've had buildings disappear on me too, it's a glitch in the game when you restart the game the buildings should appear again.
    in tire fire Reply by Dyl26 June 2013
  • I agree I think the mystery box should have premium items or free buildings like houses or the stores. I think it's cheap when they are giving items that can be bought with a small amount of game cash.
  • Since the game has been on par with the show's events, I think it's a pretty good bet that it's the violence of the Itchy and Scratchy cartoon that she is protesting.
  • I got 30 donuts from the mystery box twice I'd say that was the best item so far
  • I think the person who got offended is full of them selves and just used that as a reason to flag you. To be honest I can't even really make out what the picture is properly until I read some of the posts. Even the font below it is hard to read. So I can't fathom how some one can get offended at a small avatar which is…
  • That is creative, because that is the first time I've seen some one mix in the pavements and grass lands. However it is taking a considerable amount of space in your town. It really depends on how much you like versus wanting extra space. Which ever is important to you go with that because only you can answer that not any…
  • Sweet! so at that time how many levels were released do you remember?
  • I love this intro as well, glad you posted it so now I don't have to find a link for it :P
  • Well you do get a notified of it when you're in level 1, it tells you that you get a donut when you take clean your springfield.
  • Speaking of which, the other day I was browsing through my inventory and I found a Christmas Tree which was a nice yet confusing surprise. I started playing in february so even though I wanted the Christmas tree, I missed out on it so I was pleasantly surprised to see it in my inventory. Does the mystery box give out…
  • I'll admit I was actively playing this game before maybe a month ago. Now I've kinda of lost interest but I still play for the hell of it. I think it's because there is seldom something new happening, and when something new does happen it costs a lot of in game money. I still visit my town every day no doubt but I'm no…
  • I always thought items that stated they raise earnings of businesses or houses were falsely advertising. I would go by what the building said when you'd tap on it. I had no idea that the earnings increased even though it numbers displayed on the building's when tapped stays the same. I found it helpful thanks to this forum…
  • When you reach the highest level, you can still continue collecting XP and once you hit the target you're either rewarded by donuts on in game cash. the XP keep increasing each time you hit the target. These are what members refer to as bonus levels as they don't a number tied to them.

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