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  • Hey @chegevarrra, You'll need sign into the FIFA forum with the EA account linked to your FIFA. I took a look at this account and it seems you don't have FIFA on it. If you still have issues after that please tag me here. Thanks, Roger.
  • (Quote) Yes, this is tied to the forum itself which is managed by a company called Vanilla. The previous iteration of the forum allowed for animated GIFs as profile picture but this one doesn't, we've talked to them about this a good while back and…
  • Sorry to hear about that @Youlikethat55912 , you need to be extra careful nowadays, never, ever give your password to anyone. We don't even ask for it. We try report these accounts as they pop up but we can't always get there in time to do so. In fu…
  • We are looking into this on our end, sorry about the inconvenience! Thanks, Roger.
  • I've merged a few of these threads together so my apologies if this come across as tad messy however as many of you are in the same situation, I wanted to address you in one go. I apologize for those who went through our customer support and were r…
  • (Quote) Can you share the case number with me so I can provide feedback to the agent who mis-informed you? As pointed out by NatureBoy this was a limited time promo and we won't be provided compensation around it.
  • @andrejackson56 , I told you this above this agent was wrong and I've sent feedback on about it. Our studio have verified your claim at the same time they checked everyone else's and and agent then manually checked your claim at a later time. We can…
  • (Quote) I checked your case the advisor handled your case correctly, he verified your purchase history and was able to confirm that the packs you purchases were outside of the specified window. As such you won't be compensated for this issue.

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