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  • @KenyMcCormick2, sadly @NatureBoy2323 is right here, we can't help you on the forums. We communicate with our players on the forum publicly but we don't do 1 on 1 support on our end. We don't have the ability to verify your claim or grant any conten…
  • Hey @RocketManOnMeth , It seems there was some confusion between the support agent and yourself, what the advisor meant was that we are aware of this issue and we are working on it. You can follow updates on the problem on the forum, the latest u…
  • @Treatmentworke66 & @Tonysl79 , can we please keep the DDA conversations to the dedicated thread: https://forums.ea.com/en/nhl/discussion/232197/dynamic-difficulty-is-ruining-versus-play#latest
  • ghost6761 ghost6761 wrote: » Y’all need to fix the kick meter glitch. From the six games I be played with my friend online five of them had the glitch where the kick meter never showed up. Because of it I won four games, but It’s very annoying to…
  • I'd have the same taste in music as yourself based on the songs you picked there, the rest make me feel old Panic! At The Disco would have been pretty cool indeed, love High Hopes.
  • Just jumping in here to say that everyone has the right to their opinion, please respect that & keep the conversation constructive. If you find any comments offensive be sure to flag them. Thanks.
  • Patch details are here, if you have any feedback on them feel free to comment in the thread: https://forums.ea.com/en/madden-nfl/discussion/247264/madden-20-title-update-august
  • No word on any platform specific releases as of yet. As soon as there is something we will post it here
  • bsnow11112 wrote: » FIX HOUSE RULES, its working for most pepole but for some of us it isnt. if i i miss out on the rewards im gunna be pissed Sorry about that, we are working towards a fix currently. Here is how agent K managed to get arou…
  • GramerProfesur wrote: » Not going to link it since I don’t want to get banned but someone just posted a playlist of songs on YouTube saying they’re from NHL 20 soundtrack... looks like a couple good ones but mainly crap (especially if that’s all w…
  • Hey @BSAmokk, I'm sorry for the delayed reply, as @Bullyt said it is better to ask in English here my German isn't the best. Non existent even. I'll send you a DM on this since it is a unique situation to see if we can get to the bottom of this. …
  • First of all I'd like to apologize for your experience with the game as well as your experience with our customer support. You should not have been instructed to post here for that reason, the forum is not the place to come for compensation or for p…
  • Click on the link above.
  • jkaras83 wrote: » Dear EA, if all of us are having the same issue with the kicking bar disappearing in the 4th quarter. Why do we need to make a video of it for you to believe us? It’s not that hard, obviously it’s going away towards the end of th…
  • Player count in PS4 and Xbox One are pretty much the same from what I know. Can't really give exact numbers though. Good to see you back on the forums @Taste-D-Rainbow
  • @bjvendetta , for the store to get updated you may have to power cycle your console also, if you still don't see anything please let us know. Thanks.
  • @JORDAN2x3 , could you let us know if your game is fully up to date and if you can try power cycling your console? If that's the case and the issue is still occurring could you send us a screenshot of this? Thanks & sorry about the inconvenience.
  • Please don't name this player it's against the forum rules: Don't "name and shame." If you see a suspected cheater, please report them by using the appropriate tools. We can't take any action against such accounts on Answers HQ or EA Forums, and…
  • Split your comment from the thread to not derail the conversation. As to how you redeem your rewards this should help you: Q.) How do I redeem my code? A.) Visit MaddenRewards.com/Walmart to redeem your code on receipt for in-game content.…

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