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  • I had 111 snakes. Visted 8 towns in approx 3 min. Had 89 when I returned. I have no license yet.
  • I noticed this happened to me a few days before the update. Really a minor issue, especially when compared to my XP no longer accumulating post update. Oddly, if I enter the game as anonymous then all of my friends from my Origin account are listed, in alphabetical order, and I can visit their towns and daily tasks are…
  • Same max for me. I had only leveled up 4 or 5x for 3 donuts bonus.
  • Hey, your xp requirement seems to be the lowest of anyone who posted here. Do you have much tapped out cash to spare? If so, maybe you can try buying enough weather stations or wind socks in one go without logging out to reach the 243k needed for the next bonus level and see if that resets the bonus level and allow you to…
  • Stuck at 59 XP needing 243k for 3 more donuts. XP reverts to this number anytime I return from visiting towns or reopen game. Glad I got my 3 donut bonus before updating game. Hope it's sorted soon. Can't really play till it is.
  • Got another tree this morning. Killer. I feel like their has been a trend of increased suckiness of mystery box prizes recently. Lately all I receive are trees, $250, newspaper dispensers. Early on when I started playing back in dec I received a lemon tree, premium dumpster, bench, burning bush. Recently the only decent…
  • I wish I had a chance to try and sync up. Game crashed before I could do anything. Will have to search how to leverage to my benefit as mjr1124 suggested.
  • Like I added in my previous post, it is strange that out of the 20+ mystery boxes I have opened for the weekly play bonus that the only time (twice) my game has crashed and prompted a new box was when I had received a box with 10 donuts. Not once has the game crashed when receiving $250, trees, garbage cans, etc... and…
  • Bump. So it happened again. Received mystery box w 10 donuts. Game crashed immediately after collecting. Open game again to find a mystery box containing 250$. So weak. Out of the past 5 mystery boxes I have received $250 (4x) and 10 white picket fences. Odd that the game immediately has crashed the only 2 times I found…
  • Fedwa44 Daily player. Currently almost level 16.
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