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  • I bought the Krusty station as soon as I saw it because I wanted me monorail to be as much fun to play with as possible when designing but the extra's for the krusty station seem too expensive tbh. I will pass methinks
  • Lol. I wasn't taking it as if you were accusing me bud, not in the slightest :D There should always be a Making-Aware-Risk-Man around... unless I am playing Risk of course.....
  • I'm not trying to promote it in any way, it simply happened to me when I got home tonight. Just posting it up as its another (of the seeming numerous) random glitches in this event. edit - I have logged in again on both devices, gone to see friends and synced up, the daily timer is the same on both (14hours and change -…
  • New twist (and glitch) though a nice one for once. Been playing during the day on me phone, got capped around 10am, so just been logging in to clear dumped junk and possums. Got home, logged in on me tablet and was surprised to see that the project board was open again and said I had 14 hours or so to complete 2 projects…
  • Yup, snap for me as well. Pretty poor tbh. Having already finished the SH update, was looking forward to getting me teeth into the monorail and then a major redesign of me town incorporating it. Guess that's gonna take a lot longer now, with being limited to 4500 currency per day from projects.
  • Well wether its free donuts, free tracks or free gummi bears - my guess is EA want to cut down on the amount they give out. Hope I'm wrong but atm doesn't feel like it
  • Tbh EA may just not want to give out lots of free donuts at the end of the event stages, so this drip-feed process will cut down a hell of a lot on those extras. Also will make the impatient spend donuts to speed up the tasks, so probably making them buy more to replace the used ones. Win, win for EA. Not so much for…
  • Well that was a fun 1 hours worth of progress in today's event. Busted out of projects to hand in around 8pm last night, filled up on resources a short time later. Wait til 9am for the projects to reopen, manage to hand in 3 projects and then slam, closed again at 10am. So 1 hours play time in the new event. Awesome work…
  • Sorry to hear of your loss, glad to see you back tapping away :) If ya need an extra friend, hit me up with an invite :wink:
  • Aye, too true mate. Broke through the Billion barrier a few days ago without spending a single donut :wink:
  • Absolutely. Always being called a Jammie bloke :D
  • Personally I made sure I upgraded the modern mansions first. Biggest bang for your buck when fully upgraded and tbh the last 2 stages aren't really resource heavy. Nice chunk of change there. Get all the base buildings built, you can store em after they are built and you still get the Rev for the base value. If you have an…
  • Just went to visit a friend and got the in game update, was back into the game as soon as it finished. Game seems to work fine on both me Android devices (Samsung phone and tablet), so maybe it's and IOS issue? Do have the Snake and Fat Tony job switches though. Very Odd
  • Blimey. Seriously man, it's a single thread on a mobile game forum, really not worth getting stressed out over. Chill out, relax, go for a walk, read a book, whatever floats your boat and I'm sure that very soon this thread will have sunk down the pages and be forgotten :D
  • Only looked at the leaderboard today (usually ignore these tbh) and found meself sitting 3rd with 642 million. Kinda surprised how low some peoples totals are but I have been grinding like a cheap pole dancer for the last few days, as I bought meself a shiny new tablet and love being able to zoom around me town with no…
  • Tbh this is an unfortunate glitch, I do feel sorry for anyone affected by it but I'm not sure it's triggered by storing unupgraded buildings, though putting things in and out of the inventory may possibly cause a wide variety of glitch's, both good and bad. I've been building and storing the buildings at all levels of…
  • My current designs, may well change 'em around a bit but fairly happy atm
  • Yeah, was starting to wonder the same thing, 2 days of visits without a donut dropping, then yesterday on my final friend 1 dropped and today, also a single donut drop. Seems a bit slower than recent times but it is still working
  • Atm I am overloaded with modern mansions :) 8 level 5 mansions out in SH, a level 2 in SH I am currently upgrading and 4 level 1's in me inventory. Not really a problem as I am upgrading these first, as they give the largest REV values. Haven't lost anything I can see, no other buildings or donuts (fingers crossed thus far)
  • Yeah, this happens to me quite a lot with the character finder. It seems to randomly cycle through characters, like a high speed slideshow, some of which are ones that can be assigned tasks and are currently free. Though it does make me laugh when the Xmas santa, the Yeti and the Duck pulling the barrow appear in there…

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