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  • Me too. Nothing to tap in friends’ Springfields. Was able to ask two friends - I’m married to one of them - and knew that they had buildings to tap. I just wasn’t able to see them. Apologies to any of my friends who think I’ve been ignoring them. Especially annoying as I’ve been on vacation the last week and have had…
  • After storing the Sky Finger last night I was hoping all would be normal but, again, no rents to collect this morning. Even more annoying, my husband has lost out on his land token from the Golden Goose. Also, but maybe unrelated, my monorail train appears to have gone awol.
  • Both my husband and I have the same problem. I’ve just stored it. Hopefully I’ll be able to collect rent tomorrow.
  • Two of the three games in our house (played on three separate iPads) were found to have been logged out this morning. Have tried to log in but no success. Anyone else encountered a problem?
  • I feel I ought to be posting in the 'game logged me out thread' as well, because I had both this morning. Worked fine first time. An hour later I was logged out. When I finally got back in, zero donuts. I came here yesterday to find out what happened to the Lady Duff offer and saw that someone suggested logging out & in…
  • That was a very nice gesture. Thank you EA.
  • I have two characters on a trip. I can see 3 tickets at the bottom left of the screen but I don't see them when I tap on the airport. My other half's iPad shows his three tickets even tho he has the maximum three characters on the task. Does this mean we have to put all three characters on at the same time or lose the…
  • When I tap on my airport all I see is the countdown for the two characters I managed to put on the four hour task. Looking at my other half's game I see he has a small box with tickets and the word 'full'. Clearly I've got something missing but I've no idea how to get it.
  • Hi, I didn't tap anything in the area first. My fountain is far enough away from where the characters are doing the task for this not to happen. The were other characters close by that I hadn't yet collected. I was in a rush and just turning the task characters and collecting pennies. I'm putting it down to another glitch.
  • I didn't want to store it as it was full. I tried all the usual things, Krustyland, logging out, etc but in the end I just left it. Four hours later it's back, thankfully. Thought this was going to be like the gnome guide thingy disappearing.
  • I've just tried everything to get into the game. Haven't changed my password tho as it works when I log in here. Very frustrating!
  • Best I've ever had is two from one town. Best donut total from all visits in one day is six. That was a happy day, I can tell you
  • The lack of a visible timer was a mistake, IMO. Not knowing when the timer would restart was irritating. It would have proved how glitchy it was too. I got all the prizes but one player in my house needed to get 3 today and 3 tomorrow for the last prize. I logged in for them well before 8 today to be told come back…
  • I think I have a problem with my timer. It's nearly 2 pm here and I'm still getting the greedy notice telling me I can't play yet. I wish they'd included a timer as it's hard to tell when there's a glitch
  • Just bought Duff brewery. Duffman has some great jobs. Have put it next to Duff gardens and used some of the event barrels to decorate it. I'm very pleased with it.
  • I bought it. My husband was at work at the time. By the time he got home to his game the Gil deal had disappeared. I had no idea that Duff Gardens needed to be bought immediately or I'd have gone into his game & bought it. I feel quite guilty now as he would like to buy it and he can't. Please fix this EA.
  • This is the first time since last week that I've been able to see it. :roll: :roll: :roll:
  • I've virtually given up visiting until this event is over. My visits are taking forever. Every single town the app crashes. Sometimes I can get 3 taps, others only one will register. Then I have to go all the way back in again. I've tried logging in & out. Force closing the app. Finally logged out, deleted and reinstalled…
  • I like this. Having three throws of the dice makes you feel you're getting more for your money :) Of course, being English makes me wish The Britannia had a game to play too.
  • Getting a lot of $$$ or SH tasks. One donut tasks maybe every one in three days. I've had a couple of 3 donut tasks but no 6 donut tasks. Wouldn't mind but the other two gamers in my household have had several 6 tasks each???

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