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  • On my iPhone 5S this happens when I drop below 5GB of free space. (5GB!) Otherwise the game is running smoothly. It screwed up the last 2 events :s Like this, the game is in an unplayable state. It’s been months now..
  • County Court House with Roy Snyder (and Constance Harm) It's one of the main buildings in Springfield and it appears in so many episodes. Also it will complete my Town Square :D I can't run a town with a prison but no court house :D Think about Sideshow BoB and Snake... they are put into prison without judgment
  • Travis DG Edna, thats the point. Exactly my thoughts. Thanks mate! @1nbxfan: Thanks for the information about the bugs. I don't expect any reaction from EA... they know what they're doing :-o
  • it's totally fine to extend an event because of bugs. Those bugs where at the start of the event... why not announce the extension a couple days after the bugs where fixed? Oo so, there is only a consequence for me. Don't buy donuts again! Thats the only answer EA will understand.
  • I don't cry about spending money on the game! I'm just upset how EA forced people to spend donuts because they revealed that the event was being extended after the initial deadline. On the other hand, setting a second deadline will force more people to spend donuts. It's all about getting the maximum amount of money and *…
  • To be honest, this is a * joke! Waiting for all people spending money/donuts to finish the event and then extend afterwards. (Don't get me wrong. Im happy for all the people who didn't reached 12500 snakes, yet - spending no donuts.) EA, what you've done was poor business ethics. You've cheated us!!! This was the last time…
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