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  • My character button was fixed manually in January after six weeks of waiting. Today the glitch hit again and alls bugs are on again. :-( No working character button anymore. Will start opening tickets again...
  • I am still trying to get my Tapping Radius fixed after the half bug fix I recieved a few weeks ago. One ticket got closed without any comment. For the other one, I received this answer today. Which forum do they mean where the development team looks into it!? I had the link to this forum thread in my ticket showing that…
  • Yaaay! My character icon WORKS! :-) I opened a ticket in early December after two unsuccessful chats (including one rollback fail) and a call that led to nothing. I opened a mail ticket again in early January and they told me to just wait. And this is what I did... today I received this message: Hi frederanna, good day to…
  • Since yesterday, old event updates are hitting my town (so far Homer the Heretic and Space Homer). I really hope that this is about fixing the bugs! :-) So far, only more buildings are generating different kinds of event currencys now... as I understood that we are all stuck in different event tie-ins they maybe have to…
  • I have the same problem like everybody else here... it started in the first week of December. I am from Germany and had some really useless EA contacts - the first sent me a troubleshooting document although I said I tested everything on different devices. The second said that he will do a rollback but nothing happened.…
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