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  • Yea I contacted EA after posting that and they surprised me and responded pretty quick. I had my game back up and running now. They had to roll my game back to the day before so I did lose a day worth or progress. I don't mind as long as it works 8)
  • I also contacted EA last night and they rolled my game back to the day before and now everything works fine. I did lose a day worth of progress but I don't mind as long as it works 8)
  • I can't even get into my town at all. It crashes before when it tries loading my town. My brother can log into his town and play it fine on my device. When he goes through his friends list and gets to my town, the app will crash and kicks him back to the phone's home screen.
  • I have the same problem and already tried many things and it still crashes. My brother when he goes through his friends list and gets to my town, his game will crash.
  • So was there a limit on how many of each island you can buy? I totally missed out because there was no mention of it in the game. I only found out about the island in this thread :x
  • I've been getting connection issue all evening. Then I would switch off wifi and use 3G and it would work. Then I switch it back to wifi and it works until it doesn't work.
  • I contacted EA yesterday with the problem and they fixed it today. Now I can start playing again :mrgreen:
  • I contacted EA yesterday with the problem and they fixed it today. Now I can start playing again :mrgreen:
  • I had harp of death before and was able to fix it on my own and even help many on here fix their town too. But this time around I can't do on my own. I was one of the first to start playing this game when EA released it in Canada first for a test run. I guess if my game doesn't get fixed soon and I missed out on the rest…
  • With today's update I got this problem now. I was able to go in a few times as level 48 before I got this problem. It can't be fixed with iPhone 6 or other iDevices by leaving it on. It crashes about 6-7 minutes in. I already contacted EA and they called me back but they said they will send my case to specialist. That…
  • I'm going to keep my Christmas lights up because I can and to annoy the people who hate it :lol:
  • Once you log into your town in the new update, you won't be able to log into it on a device that's not been updated. It will say "update available I want I want" or something like that
  • Just don't let the elves out and your friends can't drop anymore gift bags. That is what I did
  • Just house farm if you need money. I did that in the beginning and I don't care what people say because it's my town 8)
  • Grumple is probably unlocked in a quest like how the haunted house in Krustyland was unlocked.
  • LOL do you think we are all idiots here? At least when you lie, be realistic. Warhead 1000x45=45,000 donuts Billboard 100x30= 3,000 donuts $550 not counting tax = 12,900 donuts My conclusion is you used a hack 8)
  • I visit all my 90 neighbours everyday even after reaching 10,000 goos. A lot of them never squish the gremlins so I usually have a few hundred goos every 4 hours. Last I check I had around 45k goos.
  • I haven't played one of my town for a very long time so I played it yesterday and got all those items while popping ghosts and got the homer costume right after.
  • In the early days they roll out the update starting in Australia. People around the world were able to change the time zone on their device to Australian time and were also able to get the update. I think that caused problems for people's account who got the update then change their time zone back to their own. So now EA…

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