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  • @frosted1414 I accept your apology, but how is "creating a special track" pure fantasy talk? I will admit that the odds of EA doing something like that are not in my favor, but it is very possible for EA to do what I'm saying. All that is needed for EA to do that is enough customer feedback to give their game developers…
  • I don't think that season 30 will be the last season, because I have heard that episodes for season 31 have been announced, so don't assume that season 30 is the end of the series, wait until official sources have given confirmation of when the final season will be.
  • The monorail tracks can't be placed on all parts of the beaches, and that would need to be fixed in order to connect the tracks on land with tracks that can be placed on the sea. As for the sharp drop in the Springfield Heights part of the beaches, all that EA has to do is create a special track (like they did with the…
  • What I meant was that they could have done better on some of the past events that they have done recently, and that there is possibly a lack of creativity on the part of the development team responsible for the game in order to come up with enough good ideas from the available source material. In other words, it's not so…
  • It's fine with me if EA wants to take a break before issuing the next content update/event (probably because either the next content update/event was not ready in time due to the holidays, or they're currently running a little short on ideas, or both), but it would good if they could at least inform us on Facebook and…
  • Honestly the list of things that I want to see added to game (which I'm still compiling) is probably too long for this post, so I'm going to condense it into my top choices. Here is some of what I want: an "X-Files" themed MAJOR event based on the episode "The Springfield Files" (but not necessarily limited to the theme of…
  • My username is GarfieldofBorg. I try to play the game at least once per day. I only have three friends in the game via Facebook, but only one of them is active. Please add me as a friend in the game because I need more friends, but I don't know how to send game friend requests to other players without their email addresses…
  • What is required to get the Big T Tree and its rebate in the Time Travelling Toaster Event (besides spending donuts)? It is not appearing in the store for me, yet it is suppose to be available as of yesterday.

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