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  • Cheap 4k tv is not better than a good full hd tv. Considering you have old tv- wait for PS5, but you should buy a new tv then too...
  • Just put your ps4 into rest mode, then u can continue playing later.
  • Resolution does not have any effect on gameplay...
  • Thats just bad luck then. The overall comes from powerplay, penalty killing, offense, defense etc combined, it literally has no saying in how well the goalies develop, only thing that matters to goalies is teaching + goalie speciality.
  • 1. Great idea! 2. But why? As far as I know, it doesnt matter what tactics you use, the bonuses are still calculated from the coaches tactics. Will they apply ingame when you dramatically change the head coaches preferred tactics- who knows, who knows if they ever are applied, u cant see the bonuses when in a match... 3.…
  • U should never look at the overall of an goalie coach, all it needs is goalie speciality and good teaching, u can fairly easily get a+ teaching with the goalie speciality, the overall can be d- it doesnt matter since only those 2 attributes matter to goalie coaching.
  • > @BruinsHockey08 said: > I turned up there goalie sliders to make them react faster. And I also turned up CPU aggressiveness so that they attack the puck c carrier. Unfortunately though I still have several high scoring games, it's just how NHL 20 seems to be built and it's scary. > > The odd thing though, last night I…
  • > @boumbidiboum said: > Yes, and if it still doesn’t work, you can lower the scoring in the option of your franchise also. Where exactly it is, I don’t remember though, but there’s a setting for scoring in the options. That is only for simulation (for u and cpu)
  • Dont use arcade/casual sliders. Use simulation or one before that and tweak goalie sliders and shooting sliders, I have played 85 games and only a handful have ended with ultra high scoring.
  • Quote from gameinformer.com: You also aren’t forced to play with your coach’s strategies once you load into a game. While you won’t get the corresponding chemistry buffs/nerfs when you make changes in the pre-game or mid-game menus, at least you can play how you want to play. “We want to give the user that plays games some…
  • Nope, never. Manually load a backupped save from earlier.
  • U dont have to use it. If u use different line tactics than the ones the head coach wants, none of the line bonuses turn on when the matches start. Hell- we dont even know if it turns on when u are using the required tactics, there is no way to know when you are playing a match... But they have said that if u dont want to…
  • There have never been suspensions in any of the NHL games if i remember correctly (played since 94), there for sure has not been in any of the 20xx games, u can get booted off the ice, but nothing where need to miss the next game.
  • I am now in middle december in my first year, nearly all "in the system" players are progressing, and just now 4 of my NHL roster guys have also started progressing, I simulate first period and play two, sometimes simulate 2 and play just one, and the system seems to be working.
  • > @TaintedJedi said: > ill start by saying that the system this year is horrible. IT was a good idea but it all is determined by the coaches scheme which can not be altered. I have never heard of a coach in any sport that would not change up or modify his scheme during the season. > > For me, it does not matter if I…
  • Can anyone confirm this? Or can someone confirm it's not happening?
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