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  • Stopped by looking for some info on the THOH event, and to my surprise, after asking for this year after year, its finally happening.. Now I'm looking toward to this event. I hope its like a movie theme event or at least get a new movie for the drive in. Maybe even some characters from the Del Toro opening gag. A giant…
  • I'm miffed because I had saved most of the land tokens we were given, and during the downtime, I got bored and decided to finish buying all the land that was left in my town.
  • I'm enjoying this event so far, I might not keep all the items together in the same area, but I think most will look good added to areas I've already started. I wish they would have released the land at the top of the town, it makes more sense for my game, for that land to be the outlands area.
  • This is great news! Just what I needed.
  • Thanks for adding the pic. He looks better than I thought he would. Will buy now.
  • Anyone have an in game picture? I'd like to see how it looks in game before I purchase. Thanks.
  • They should at least increase the limit enough to allow players to add all new current event buildings, a few of the new decorations and a decent amount of fences. I've taken down many trees, bushes, flowers fences, etc. just to add new items. I'm at my limit, and I can't find anything else to take away and preserve the…
  • I agree with Destination Springfield, Whacking day and Burns Casino, and this time, if they bring back the Casino, keep a mini game that has prizes like the multi- colored fences.
  • I hope not. A lot of fun items were from episode tie-ins.
  • I was hooked from the minute I started watching the series. I love all the Evil dead films, so watching the series brings back a feeling of nostalgia. I think I still have most of these movies on videotape in the basement. I love Bruce Campbell in this role, so I'm glad they found a way to bring him back. I think the new…
  • I'm looking forward to the Holiday event. I was trying to remember how to play the tune on the singing stones, to get in the mood. I'm glad they already added a lot of the past items before the event, so hopefully that means mostly or all new items.
  • They should bring back Santa's Coins for past items and have a separate prize track with only new items for a different currency. Also, bring back community prizes.
  • Not all of us were hit hard by the last event. Long time players might not have had much to add from what was offered. Not looking for a major event, but after Thanksgivings and cyber Monday, a small event would be nice for the rest of us that didn't need a lot of things to add. What might have been great for some, was…
  • A Christmas Event based on the Episode "Holidays of Future Passed". Also, more characters, that are currently in the game, homes, wives and children. But, most of all I want an event, with all new prizes, old items can be offered for in-game currency or donuts, or it's own storyline or side mini game.
  • I like this building, the animation is fun, Worth the donuts.
  • Yes, definitely a lack of spookiness and new and old costumes for characters. I can add most of these prizes to my other theme areas. So I'll will still play. They gave us a scary Xmas last year, and a jolly Halloween this year, wonder what we're going to get for Thanksgivings and Xmas this year. I wanted a giant Lard Lad,…
  • I don't hate this event, it has actually grown on me a little. At first, it was going to be the first event in 5 years that I had no interest in playing. But, some of the Beast and future prizes look good, so, I'll play along for now. I agree with most of what's already been said, I don't think people are hating just to be…
  • Wow, there's so many great design here, I have to go back and do a design, because I had no idea what to do with this. Great work, Thanks for some ideas!!!
  • Nice design, I like the statue in the center of the area.
  • If what they did with the Family guy crossover is any indication of what they would do with any future crossovers, it might be a good show, but it won't have any impact on the game.

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