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  • What if I'm not old enough to have a job to work my a$$ off in yet? And who's to say that everyone who has real life money actually worked their a$$ off for that money? And if anything the glitch is more fair because all people had access to it. In the real world people have cash in their pocket because they worked their…
  • Yeah, I downloaded the update and can't use the glitch now. I was gonna try to use the glitch on homer Buddhas to try and win more donuts because I figured a fix was coming.
  • An for those that say the glitch is unfair, I say it's just as unfair that someone has the disposable income to pay hundreds of dollars to speed up 'earning' said items.
  • Why the glitch made the game more fun, from my perspective, was because I could make my town look exactly how I wanted. Then I re-arranged when I wanted. I think the reason it didn't ruin the fun for me is because I play once a day, so I was never going to earn enough cash at that rate to unlock all the land and the really…
  • The glitch is fixed. Couldn't use it today, go try for yourself. You just need to have less than three donuts, bet on a dog then before the race ends, scratch a scratcher and then you'll see that from today on you won't be dropped into negative donuts anymore. And because of this, it feels like my never ending Christmas…
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