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  • I got promoted, wasn't expecting it...maybe that is a clue I am on here too much and need to do more work. Maybe someday I will put an avatar up.
  • Odd... I got promoted.
  • I can't get in either.
  • The other day when I logged on it was not my town. At first I didn't realize it and was collecting from houses. After the 3rd house I was like wait, this is not my town. I exited the app, went back in, and I was in my town again. I know this is a glitch and I think it sucks people aren't nice and don't just log out like I…
  • Yes, XP levels you up, but certain tasks can't start until you reach a certain level. Since I leveled up so fast, I am at level 37, but I as of yesterday I was still on tasks that started at level 26. So tasks that can start when you hit level 33 can start even though I hasn't completed the prior levels tasks. My record…
  • didn't even know about this promotion stuff, so if you are active a particular month you get promoted so you can use an avatar? Since I don't have one set up, I don't think I care - lol
  • I did it so I can leave a couple turkeys running around my town for fun :)
  • I don't look at the wiki quest list often, but I did for this post, which is how I knew where I was within each level. Not sure if it changed or not, but you can have more than one level's quests going at one time now. Since I did this post this morning I realized that I actually did start Level 34 quests (didn't pay…
  • I am going to do the detention 6 hour quest overnight for Lisa, seems like a waste to do the 4 hours task while sleeping 8 hours. But yeah, I am trying to get thru the Thanksgiving quest as soon as possible since it is limited, but I think I should be fine since we should get into the beginning of December to finish it.
  • I did it too yesterday. I have my port the way I want it, but I was trying to save up 60 (got to 40) just in case they expand the water area and then I can make my docks bigger :) I am ok with 40 though, but would have loved the 60.
  • They have to pay for each thing. And keep in mind some of the voice actors do not give permission for things even if they would be paid. One of the voice actors refused to do voices for Universal Studios so there are characters that can't be used in the movie for the Simpson's ride at Universal Studios and they could not…
  • You can add me, I visit daily. I am in the process of cleaning up my friends (getting rid of ones that don't play anymore), so it may take about 12 to 24 hours before I accept an invite.
  • Having the issue on my samsung phone and tablet. Sorry for the neighbors I am not visiting as this is normally my afternoon visit :(
  • Yeah, I removed all my friends like that. If they aren't visiting their town for that many days, they sure as heck aren't visiting my town.
  • Add me.. IzzyB68 I triple tap (morning, afternoon, evening) or I tap the 3 big ones (tile, 6, and farm) based on how you are setup. If it looks like you prefer the big three, I go that way, if you have a small port and don't have the big three setup, I go for triple tap.
  • I invited some people on here. I triple tap (morning, afternoon, evening) and only remove neighbors who are not visiting my town. I mean if they have no visited their own town for over 24 hours, they are not visiting mine. These are people who still had the Halloween sound 2 days after force update, heck one I clicked on…
  • Wiw... awesome thread. Already started tapping friends other stuff if tile is not there. I am a triple tapper. I now got my stuff ready and moved to landing zone. Hopefully neighbors start tapping. Also moved Simpson house far from landing zone. People still tapping or though :( Have space if someone wants to add me.
  • I normally triple tap tiles (morning, afternoon, and evening). For those with no tiles I normally tap on SP or high value ones I can find. So if all three buildings are there like that, I would tap them. I try not tapping low value ones, but sometimes that is y only option. I graffiti because I like when others do. If it…
  • Still working for me. I have both tapped neighbors and neighbors have tapped me.
  • I laugh at the waiting for someone to go to bed. My husband finally told me the other day he would hear the toilet flush and knew I was headed to bed so he could drop gremlins in my town. lol
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