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  • JGButler23 - been an every-day player for 3 years or so.
  • Honestly, who's to say that tapping on your buddies' tile isn't the exact same as tapping on one of their houses? Or hell - even exactly like Cletus' farm? If I have a crop ready to harvest you can click on it and get money, and when I come back to my town I still get the money I would have gotten for harvesting. It…
  • It's definitely frustrating and takes a lot of the wind out of the update's sails, but isn't it a bit entitled to call it a "rip-off?" The only thing you HAVE to do is wait awhile; spend money if you want but it's nowhere near a requirement. Is it a little excessive for ONE piece of boardwalk? Definitely, but who knows…
  • Yeah I finished it today too. That might have been the best piece of writing the game's seen so far - a really nice balance of staying "in-character" and still being meta and self-aware. I liked it a lot.
  • Wouldn't you know it, I kept everyone on hour-long tasks all day yesterday in anticipation and then today I say to hell with it and go 4 hours about 30 minutes before the update drops. Haha.
  • Thanks! :D And thanks, Peter! That imgur link works a lot better than my Photobucket one.
  • It's almost kind of silly to post it now what with all the updates just around the corner, but since I started putting this together back when you guys were doing the Best Springfield Contest and only just now finished it, I figured the effort alone made it worth posting.…
  • They're version numbers. We're currently on 4.2, the Squidport will be a firmware update from the App Store taking us to 4.3. The "Herman" update might be AppStore but could very well be a splash screen download, either way it's still 4.2 content.
  • I think it's still too early to say. Granted, they might have gotten on a more regular schedule in the meantime, but I remember I didn't get Treehouse until like 8pm and Christmas until somewhere around 5pm. Oddly enough I can't remember at all what time Whacking Day came down. *shrugs*
  • I'm still a long way away from buying all the land, BUT, in the interest of sharing small accomplishments; last night I finally got my first million and then today I hit the jackpot on both the regular and Golden Stratch-Rs. So hi-fives all around!
  • * - Not really ****, I'm pleased as punch with any and all updates, but there are so many great places from the good run left to use that I'd rather see than Nu-Springfield stuff.
  • JGButler Level 25 daily player.
  • Not to turn this into an "Add Me!" thread, but of the 9 friends I have I seem to be the only one who actually gives a damn about organization and actually "designing" a town, so I'd be thrilled to add some of you that have really well-put-together Springfields.
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