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  • The new space feels so liberating. I take great pride in having come up with many space-saving designs which fit into the pattern based on the guide, but it's also refreshing to look forward to designing a bit more open-spaced in the future, as my "Guide area" is almost done, and the 600 raise off the object limit will…
  • @ashpod22 Was wondering that, too. Turns out you can just cycle through by tapping them, just like with crowds or spotlights.
  • talk about a waste of time. I grinded 100 crosswalks or so, and tapping them repeatedly to color them just to reset them to white was annoying. But I guess better late than never, nice addition and overdue.
  • 600 more at once it nice, should finally aloow me to get my forest area done. At this rate it will still take years though until I'm ready to spend my object count budget on any amusement parks though. With the current land size, 15k is needed at least.
  • @sandwedgeking in case you haven't noticed yet: placing objects as a group from the new Group Storage is always possible, even over the item limit. So design the first 10k, store it in as big chunks as the selection tool allows, place 10k objects again, then pull the first 10k from storage and boom, 20k objects in town…
  • @EllieGuseman I discovered a few things missing: * Santa's Christmas Village * Magic Palace * Monorail Station * Drive In Theater * Wildlife Sanctuary I don't know if these have already been discussed earlier and already been decided against, so disregard it if that's the case.
  • Afaik the episode does not have the statue on the same side as the town hall. The sundial is literally right in front of the town hall steps, with the statue nowhere to be seen. This is where I plan on placing it:
  • I took some artistic freedoms here and there where spacing would've been too uneven (e.g. Rommelwood) or to incorporate non-Springfield or TSTO-original items. The guide is a great outline though and I find it a lot more fun to work with self-imposed restrictions like that forcing creative and space-efficient design.…
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