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  • same here. stuck on loading screen for a day, thankfully the usual "uninstall - clean files - reinstall" worked.
  • as mentioned here https://forums.ea.com/en/the-simpsons-tapped-out/discussion/255747/won-t-let-me-login EA was down. this also included the ability to log in and post here :) and the game login server is still down at least in Germany
  • well, bad news - the game of games event is dead. and the good news - whatever EA did on update fixed the 24.8 mb crash, at least on my German J7. which makes it even more apparent that the whole clusterfluffle should have been solved by EA as soon as the first Android 9 issues cropped up.
  • in case you missed the previous pages, it's neither your provider's nor Samsung's fault. the null pointer error has been in the game's code. apparently most other game developers use the things known as "patches" to remove such errors, but EA games apparently decided that as long as nobody calls on that particular pointer,…
  • you don't. EA has washed their hands off any responsibility in spite of the clusterfluffle being their fault due to a null pointer error in the game's code. hence uninstalling / reinstalling does nothing until somebody at EA recognizes the clusterfluffle (when pigs fly, given their responses until now). a factory reset…
  • hello beppone1967. as has been pointed out from system protocols on the EA answers HQ, this is a null pointer error in the game's code. the J7 line was OK until the late June update, as I've posted last page here. the issue is global and affects various android devices of various manufacturers. all affected devices show up…
  • J7 didn't. gotta be samsung's way to hint at the "cash in your device for 1/10 of the new flagship's cost" program ;)
  • whatever samsung did is apparently now affecting other phones. the most recent patch for my J7 device has been on the 26th of June, and it has caused exactly the same crash at 17/709 updates. and there's no new patch available :(
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