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  • If you turn your sound on, you will hear a chime repeating over and over again. There appears to be no fix as of yet, this problem is a repeat of what was known as the harp of death in Valentines 2012. I've been lucky enough to get it twice haha. Will update when I find a way around again.
  • I've tried letting the game run on my iPhone 5, ipad 4, galaxy note 10.1 and the unmentionable program. All of them continue the harp until the game force closes. It might be in EAs hands now.
  • I know about that, and obviously if I only have 2 taps in my town from a person, I assume that is what's happened. I accept I can't constantly check during work hours and thats fine. My reason for the post was for the people that tap the 3 buildings around my corn, or the 3 buildings around the squidport entrance, heck the…
  • Add me - JohnnoshArk
  • Add me - JohnnoshArk I am a level 37 player, play every day, log in once or twice. Probably 3-4 times during christmas, time allowing.
  • No, it isn't. I am on iOS. Stop trolling. No one wants to see your photoshopped images....again.
  • The rest of Australia would like to say we have no affiliation with the OP. And just incase anyone believes this troll, the update is not out in Australia.
  • All I am saying is Sanity in Australia broke the street date for these two. So this. [img src='http://i.imgur.com/Whl6I2d.jpg'][/img]
  • I can actually picture him losing an arguement, yelling "Screw you guys, I am going home" and just leaving. Best analogy ever. Well done.
  • Also means it won't be the currency like last Christmas. I am really hoping they don't go for a friend distribution method like Whacking Day though.
  • I got that message last night around 9PM Australian time, and it is currently 9AM. We never get updates at 9PM at night here in Aus. It has always been around 3-4AM. Except last Christmas, it came around 10:30/11AM. Just be patient guys. I want it too, and I am really excited for it, but the more we hype ourselves out over…
  • Didn't mean it in a nasty way. But surely you can see how having "delete this thread" on people's posts can seem quite harsh as well. Sorry to have pointed it out in an attacking manner, just wanted you to see that it was a bit harsh. And I only had 14 posts when I was promoted. Just haven't uploaded anything yet cos I am…
  • You have 10 posts. I've seen at least 2 of them be "Delete this thread". How about instead of spamming other peoples posts, you create something worthy of staying rather than saying other peoples should be deleted. Re: the picture, some of the old buildings aren't covered either, like the house of evil. Definitely fake.
  • Sorry to disappoint you all, but EA also just tweeted this: "@krooked_tw We've removed the tweet with that Twitter page. There is no official #TSTO Twitter page. https://t.co/q6tz1BXOTf for info.^EX"
  • I know Josh just does these now because it's his thing, and it's expected, but I kinda agree with him this time. I have been playing since the original launch (before the game was taken off the store for bugs) and have always enjoyed the updates. I've also bought almost all the premiums when I can afford them. This update…
  • I haven't been taking part on these forums long, but have been watching for close to 1.5 years. Just wanna put a personal thanks out to spAnser, your updates always fill me with excitement for whats to come. Also, here's hoping the update will launch tmrw before I go to work haha (Australian time). Hopefully more than…
  • Well I guess we won't be getting an update today.... Oh well more time to finish my Dolph and Kirk quests haha
  • Guess it's just luck of the draw =( hopefully EA find and release a solution for it sooner rather than later.
  • Hey Guys, I had this glitch the other day, on both my iPad and my partners. The way I got around it was to just delete the app and re install it from the iOS store. The iPads in question were 4 and mini 1. Hope this helps some people =)
  • Try to be a daily player, would love to have some people come and tap my tile, trying to improve my SP. Add me: JohnnoshArk Will tap tiles in return of course =)

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