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  • I'll just save up till the time comes then. It'd be nice to get it earlier this year around, since the game has aged quite a bit (content-wise).
  • I guess it's just wishful thinking on my part. :(
  • Darn. Last time I bought donuts in game was a few months ago, after the Whacking Day event ended. Maybe this coming Black Friday? O.o?
  • Wolverine and Cat Woman sing in a musical together.
  • Boy! What's the reason behind your username?
  • The last Simpsons episode I saw was, "The Homer They Fall." It's the one where Moe "trained" Homer to box and he had to fight Drederick Tatum. What would you like to see invented in the near future (10-20 years from now)? Explain why you chose that answer.
  • Nope. Woke up in the afternoon, but I brushed my teeth after lunch. Have you ever stepped on a Lego? If so, what was the shape of the lego and explain, in detail, how painful it was and how long the ordeal lasted.
  • Excited for earphone jack and cross-chat capabilities. Also, The Division. /cry
  • +1 for nostalgia. Sadly, I don't collect em.
  • I had neither. However, I had a favorite pillow I carried around the house. What was your most awkward moment?
  • I rarely do it. There are some days where I go through 10-20 towns to see their progress and help out on getting their righteousness up by tagging up buildings. Other than that, I rarely visit them.
  • In what context did I suggest or even hinted that I want to make the storyline "fall apart?" Most of the time, the series is segmented and has it's own unique little storyline. However, some of the earlier episodes' outcome do reflect on to the newer episodes. This suggestion doesn't really make the episodes "fall apart."…
  • If not for completely random threads, off-topic or not, this forum would be dead Edit: Quotations
    in OT: Showers Reply by KMEO June 2013
  • Personally, I don't like to get into talks with anything that has politics or religious beliefs. It's a sensitive subject that easily offends a number of people, which in terms makes them very hostile to you. So yeah, don't talk about those things between your friends! :D
    in Ooooops Reply by KMEO June 2013
  • With the Lemon Tree excluded, I've gotten: SVT, 30 Donuts, and a Homer Buddha that gave me a bench (at least it was a premium bench that time around). Edit: Lemon Tree
  • It actually depends for me. If it's summer, I go in and turn it on, but if it's winter time, I usually turn it on and then get in. Cold water is refreshing during summer, but cold water feels to me what is kryptonite to Superman during winter. You should put "Depends on the Season" as an answer in the poll question! :)
    in OT: Showers Reply by KMEO June 2013
  • Well, if you read the Terms and Condition (who reads em, right?) they actually don't allow cheating of any manner. The reason why they "allow" this is because there are probably so many people playing the game and there might not be that many moderators to deal with that sort of cheating. If the mods manage to overlook…
  • I'm on the fence on this one. It'd be nice if you guys make a plot of land solely based on a cemetery themed plot. Maybe add the church near the cemetery for funeral services. Also, if I were you guys, I'd add healthy looking trees and maybe a fountain in the middle. Not to mention some flowers and a few parking lots for…

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