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  • I had a weird thought. What about having a ”fog of war” from the perspective of the puck carrier. Every player in that fog is just an icon unless the tap the stick. You could with a button reveal the whole ice but it would severely affect your agility and puck handling. I know that’s not something people would enjoy and I…
  • Buffalo will keep Eichel and he’ll have 200pts season helping them all the way to the cup
  • I’ve seen at least Canada East server in addition to that list
  • It’s been like that for years. For some reason WoC setting are not available in the main menu nor takes the default settings from the Be A Pro settings
  • Codes are out Download is 40.00GB on PS5
  • Updated graphics are fine, but I just want responsive feeling menus.
  • I enjoy playing G in drop-ins when I don’t feel like playing my usual D position. I agree more should be done to eliminate goalie trolls as well as players who begin to shoot at their own net.
  • If you mean CR, how much you lose or gain appears to solely depend on the opponents CR. I’ve not seen meaninful relation to goal difference or team overals. It is also possible to finish a game and have your CR not change at all. 0-1 point change gets more frequent the higher yours gets. CR seems to be only used to rank…
  • I believe they’ve already tried to patch this, but keeps happening for me too.
  • Last season I checked that and the top guys were on a ~2070 points per game pace, excluding the featured team.
  • exactly my experience. I encountered this issue recently in HUT Champs also. I now started to using Classic camera instead of overhead. Makes everything feel quicker due to it being close up and mitigates the issue little bit.
  • I prefer people quit in Versus if the game is a blow out, that doesn’t make either of us a better player. I would rather play even matches. In WoC however I wish leaving would be penalized.
  • AI too smart :cry: https://youtu.be/kdNSeNcPBEQ
  • I would add ”gap control”. Stay on your guys’ stick, make him unavailable for a pass abd be ready to lift their stick. Sometimes this looks very aggressive in the offensive zone but actually slows down their counter. No reason to defend the empty defensive zone as some do.
  • I think the L2 may become more tolerable if the puck handling animation while using L2 was different (more realistic?). I am not a hockey player, but if I think about myself doing turns like with L2, I would have the puck closer to my torso. This would make the player a clearer target and it would negate the ”deke” effect…
  • Replaying already has its risks. I think if the difficulty is higher more people will opt to replay with a lower difficulty. I don’t mind giving players two chances to earn the maximum points.
  • I think the opponent player ratings should increase by ranking. Forcing maybe some people to drop down from superstar when they reach high enough. But the again, as I showed in a video I posted in another thread related to this, the AI even on Superstar is lousy. You can freeze the game at will in their defensive zone by…
  • I believe there are other things they could be doing to make the opponents feel more difficult https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdNSeNcPBEQ
  • I do understand that some teams may have different energy effeciency levels and offensive/defensive pressure for example. I really don’t think those should affect my subjective experience in player control. The fatman lag I experience is noticable from the start.
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