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  • Player switching still is beyond painful when opposing team is cycling the puck in my defensive zone. I tend to just attempt to keep them passing around the boards and defend the middle. During this sometimes I have to pull my D-men out of position to cover for winger for example. Current player switching seems to work by…
  • Goalies are very easy to beat already. I fail to see why scoring would need to be any easier.
  • Also AI was totally muted in NHL19. They made them just pylons compared to earlier years.
  • My favorite topic on these forums. I’ve found that connection quality and ping has little to do with the subjective experience when playing online versus or threes. Green games can be very delayed when yellow games can be a completely tolerable or even good experience when playing peer-to-peer games, even with a stable…
  • Funny that during the beta the strategy dialog worked like a charm everytime, even in the beginning of the match. I even wrote it as a positive change somewhere. Then I started the EA Access trial and it was broken exactly the same way as before. (Takes forever to appear in the beginning of the match) Makes me wonder what…
  • In my opinion the AI only appears better because they actually play their positions and cover for others when needed.
  • I used to think I experienced the sluggishness only against stronger players, but it really does seem random at least for me. Now it’s just something I need to pay attention to and adjust, no matter annoying it is.
  • You can skip them using the ”options” button immediately after the game ends. During intermission you can press ”options” when the play of the period graphic shows up.
  • I didn’t notice input delay, but did experience ”floaty” movement. In other words it felt like the physics thought all players were moving at top speed all the time. All subjective and probably wrong though. I also noticed sometimes my players lost capability of picking up pucks. Passes or loose pucks would just deflect of…
  • This is a very accurate description of the connection issue I’ve been suffering from on-off for a long time. I can have a solid 25ms connection but still suffer from this. I experience it as all my players being extremely fatigued from the puck drop, but yet the physics thinks everyone is going 80mph all the time.
  • Yup, I found myself hanging onto the puck a little more than I would like in the D-zone, in the beta, looking for a safe sauce path.
  • I agree with most of the points, especially the ones about movement and control, and the scoreboard. My major issue with movement is the same feeling I got in NHL18, which wasn’t present in 19. I feel like all the players are seemingly blasting at 80mph all the time and every turn is a huge fight against the momentum. It…
  • Few times I see my D-men freezing or jump up right at the moment I gain control of them, even when they were skating backwards before. Each time that happens there’s nothing I can do.
  • Hey now, you wouldn’t want to go a moment without your roster being checked now would you?
    in 1990 menus Reply by Kuus2 July 2019
  • I play D in EASHL and absolutely hate that I can’t see the arrow on the bottom of the screen anymore. Didn’t even realize how much I look at it until now. I have no idea how I am positioned when we attack. And no, I can’t use the touchpad. I need to see how our play develops at all times
  • I would rather they tune the pass interception so that making risky passes would be punished more. I am not asking magnets on sticks, just that maybe a player in good position would get a piece of the puck little more often.
  • Wanna drive your opponents mad? Hold down the tie-up button every time you’re near their controlled player. Works especially well if you are both chasing the puck. Most likely they won’t be able to pick up the puck.
  • I just want AI to not get stuck on other players. Looks dumb when they try to skate through opponents.
  • Try less offensive pressure and take a breath when you get the puck in your D-zone.
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