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  • Donuts!!! Tiles are free in time.
  • I'm also very surprised with the results thus far. It seems like a no brainer to me. The menu layout is horrible. It takes forever to find what you want. Could definitely use restructuring.
  • I've won the long shot bet once. I have heard about people who have won it many more times. Not sure about the relevance of the longshot being the name of the dog who won the previous race although I am going to keep an eye on this. It is interesting if true.
  • Can anyone verify that you must complete all the quests before a deadline to receive the bell? I haven't even started interrogating flanders yet. I am a bit concerned. Seems weird that they would put a time limit on this quest line.
  • Moleman all the way. Who doesn't love a football to the groin. All 3 of those characters really do lack outsoor tasks though. I'm less than impressed with kearney and bumblebee man. Although I do enjoy bumblebee mans outdoor task they are too short for my liking. I don't have the drive to reset him every hour.
  • The tiles wait times really inhibit my ability to purchase all the premium items for the boardwalk. Quite frankly I haven't purchased a single one yet. My boardwalk is fairly rammed and I want to make sure I have enough space left for the quest progressions. While I wish I had more tiles I can say I don't really mind the…
  • You have to ask for an itunes gift card. That way you can pretend its for other stuff like songs or whatever kids are paying money for these days. Then you can buy your donuts and he is none the wiser.
  • Well thats unfortunate. Won about 4 of those myself. Atleast you have a place to store your mystery boxes. Afterall they are trash.
  • Let me know what you get
  • The same thing happens to all buildings. When you tap them it reduces the amount of time before they can collect from them again. It is a good thing for them when you tap on their items. The only thing that doesnt matter is when you tap on their news station. It doesn't hurt them but there is no benefit. So tap, tap, tap…
  • I'd say it depends on whether you purchase donuts or not. If you do you have enough to buy whatever you want. If you don't you can probably save for one character or risk them on the buddha. I'm a gambler myself so I'd choose the buddha.
  • I always want donuts. Tiles can be made for free. Just going to take a year. 20 donuts is 20 donuts. You have to pay real money for those.
  • I got Frink and Moleman from the Buddha. Pretty happy with that. Never got any other building. Chances of that are ridiculously slim.
  • Ya, you can move them at will. Nothing to fear.
  • So other than the minor amount of cash and xp he gives there really isn't any good reason to catch him. Thanks for the information. Time to let Bob roam my town at will.
  • Pretty good survey. Definitely need to send the results to EA. I assume everyone will say the donut prices are extremely high and the donut amount for premium purchases is extremely high. I wouldn't hold my breathe on that changing. I think the one aspect this survey touched on that is extremely lacking is the social…
  • I have noticed this since whacking day. Does anyone know if he affects your righteousness rating if you don't catch him. I know he use to but haven't let him wander around since the WD update.
  • Look to the left of your post. It has you username and a bunch of other info including your post count
  • Yes he is. It would have been my second win in around 20 races. Just glad it was money not donuts.
  • So I just had the same thing happen to me. Bet the long shot, app crashed. Relogged in and of course he won. No $200 grand for me.
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