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  • Interesting point! I had not considered that - but you're right. If some view it as a unique work of art...even something they can contribute to from a pre-set point, there probably IS a market for that.
  • Yeah, I wasn't advertising - just curious if anyone knew if it had been done before. I would have suggested a new category on this forum for a "marketplace" of sorts.. IF it were allowed. But if not due to terms/conditions etc. than it's obviously a non-starter.
  • Yeah, I would imagine it wouldn't be possible to advertise that in a forum like this. It would have to be a craigslist kind of thing or something if you were intent on doing it. While I wouldn't sell my Springfield even if we could do so openly, I'm just wondering. There's little downside to EA. It's like buying a video…
  • I considered it. But at 225 it's waaay too much. I have another problem with scarcity of land. As an original gen player, I have about 80% of the premium and 100% freemium buildings, characters, and decorations. Truckasaurus would require a lot of land for me to decorate a proper 'home' for it. I have already had to scale…
  • 369.1% I have about 250 white fences in storage... running out of land/decoration space.
  • Cons - huge to place if you're running tight on space - other mountain-type decorations (stonecutters, waterfall, etc.) make this one less necessary - kind of gaudy looking and not really cannon. Pros - enhances your SF with a big ticket item - blends in with highly forested areas of your SF - goes well with camp krusty,…
  • Just FYI, this is US ONLY deal. iTunes is country specific. If you're in Canada or elsewhere, you have to find a country specific iTunes gift card/code dealer.
  • Agreed.. need more land. Playing since day 1 and now I don't buy premium buildings any more because no room. If EA wants my money... need more land. I have the nicest Springfield... having won awards for Best Layout in 2012-2013-2014. But I've had to do some redesigns to fit everything and more on the way to fit itchy…
  • I have the world's best Springfield. If you're a level 41 and active daily player, I'll let you see for yourself. I rarely let in players to my friend list, so friend me ASAP if you meet the criteria and want to be blown away!! Voted Best Layout, Best Use Of Premium, Best Use of Freemium, and Most Realistic Layout in 2012,…
  • I have the world's best Springfield. If you're a level 41 and active daily player, I'll let you see for yourself. rarely let in players to my friend list, so friend me ASAP is you meet the criteria and want to be blown away!!
  • Level 37... Play once per minute every minute of every hour of every day I'll probably have the best developed Springfield you'll ever see. Consider yourself lucky I'm opening friend spots for 10-20 lucky folks!
  • I agree. I'm running low on land too. With all basic and premium items plus a realistic layout that doesn't cram buildings together without parking and trees etc., it's easy to run low. Add me to behold my beautiful Springfield!!! Also I'm a daily player if you need help with Xmas update
  • I'm apparently the Brown Fence king... that's my mystery box loop.
  • THANK YOU! To all who paid the admission and to those who even left a little extra. I hit the goal of 12,500 Please DO NOT send me any more eggs... Give them to others in need. I will do the same and continue to pay it forward. Free admission to my Springfield from here on... though I may have to delete some of you to…
  • Precisely, and now I can say... with only 30 eggs to go, I'm officially an Egg Donor and Pledge fulfiller... I'm all filled up on friends so please don't request to add me. If you're a friend and in the 5000 range, I will try and donate in random order a bunch of eggs! Who else will pledge with me?
  • Yes I experienced and wondered the exact same thing. Looks like they gave up. Too hard for a newbie to start the game AND whacking day at the same time. I weep for them.. Or for the lost hours I'LL never get back.. lol
  • You're quite right about the Korean War moniker. I'm a member of the WW1 historical association and some widely regarded WW1 scholars wrote recent articles branding WW1 as "The Forgotten War" in reference to the recent death of the 'last' veteran(s) of the Great War. It was referred to in a future context as in "...…
  • Seriously, no need to get worked up. I wasn't taught ANYTHING about ANZAC Day or Gallipoli in any level of education in Canada despite going to well-ranked schools AND studying history during those specific periods. Whenever WW1 came up, the focus was always on the horrors of trench warfare in Europe, the rapid…
  • The witch marge was a premium item. You had to pay for it in donuts.

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