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  • His durability stat should be like 7 lol
  • You took it a little too personally i think and i didnt respond well either maybe because i subconsciously hate bruins fans lol but it wasnt really meant in a malicious way or a personal attack just an observation but different people interpet situations differently at least thats what JT says when asked about groping a…
  • Defensive much? Calm down bud I was just pointing out that as a former mod you should kno better i like to point out hypocrisy when i see an judging by the defensive attitude an trying to play the victim now you gonna get your old mod buddies to ban me cause im "so on your case" for no reason right?
  • And threads are closed regularly because theyre old/Restored regardless of relevance so you just get a pass cause youre a former mod i guess Since the thread was about nothing being fixed in NHL 18 seems irrelevant since NHL 19 has already been released Fans vs fanboys 2 totally different categories
  • Well if you used to mod here you should know not to post in 2-3 month old threads but i digress the reason the "community" is so optimistic as you claim is because the forums are about as dead as this thread was mostly just the fanboys left here compared to how active and populated these forums used to be 5-10 years ago it…
  • Its their new way to get you to spend more money on packs just like the early release cash grab new games are usually released on tuesdays when ps updates the store but now EA releases on friday an charge an extra $20 to play on tuesday
  • Theyre quick to take your money but not so quick in returning it takes time to process
  • Also "Complaining" isnt the best approach try to go ino it with a good attitude and make a reasonable request youre more likely to have a positive outcome than going in hotheaded and complaining Although im sure you didnt mean it in that way just thought it could be taken the wrong way
  • Its rare but they do refunds sometimes i got one for uncharted 4 because they put it up for pre order so i bought it then noticed its release date was still over a year away kinda stupid to post a preorder over 12 months away but i didnt wanna have that money tied up for a year when there were other games i could play now…
  • No they dont carry over all facilities will be level 1 in new arena only worth upgrading if its to complete an owner goal in your first year
  • Blades of steel was my first hockey game ever back on NES still one of my favorites to this day I like to dust off the old NES and play some classics from time to time i still have every console ive ever owned mutant league hockey was fun too i remember playing it in my teens
  • Well over the last few years goals per team per game average was 2.73 in 16-17 and 2.63 in 15-16 and 2.66 in 14-15 so that probably has part to do with it they program in a league average and dont leave enough of the outcome left up to skill or even luck its just based on league averages so that could explain why cpu…
  • If a player who is a RFA isnt under contract before December 1st hes ineligable to play during the rest of the season
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