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  • Yes, but not all of us have the hours it takes to keep fighting for a rollback and get constantly rebuffed for a game. If it were my cable, cell phone, etc. I could maintain the fight but not for a game. EA, you are dead to me.
  • ok, then I am done. They wouldn't roll me back last time and fought with me and fought with me. Now I will lose the last event and mini event. (expletive rant) you, EA.
  • I don't see any point in posting about it. I login less and less often to even play. I don't think they will ever fix it or at least not before I give up on playing completely.
  • I'm not really sure. The last event was the first time I got him multiple times during an event and their crafting method was different. I guess we will all get to find out over time as this continues to go unfixed.
  • well you can see Gil over and over offering you Duff Gardens and Homer's Pie Man kick off, but yes you can't get the rest of the broken things broken again.
  • It's not fixed. I don't believe they will ever fix it.
  • definitely not fixed. and I am definitely not surprised.
  • Clown college may hit too close to home with them unable to fix the bug hitting so many of us... >:)
  • I hate it. The event stuff is pretty easy because we go to the buildings and send characters on the jobs to it at it but other than a few other similar buildings (Moe Express for example), moving around my huge town to find them or go to City Hall and scroll through the character list to get the next one who is done just…
  • It kind of depends on where your whales and such are landing. I was just a tiny whale or a large dolphin prior to getting hit and now I'm totally f2p. I wonder if they would be more motivated to fix it if they knew each time I get hit I go back and re-craft Act 1's free land token?
  • I keep wondering if they ever do release a fix if it will fix us or break everyone else.
  • This is exactly how my last time went with them. Then they wanted me to document all that was broken or missing. I was saving and hoping and I did.
  • 3rd or 4th time during this event the other day.
  • This is exactly how my last time went with them. Then they wanted me to document all that was broken or missing.
  • After the 3rd time I got hit (and they refused and refused to roll back my town wanting me to document all that was broken), I decided to upgrade my IRS to check it out. When I got it to 9 and it got a new look it seemed to work. But then a couple days later Gil showed up again and it went back to the lowest possible…
  • I think someone should let them know what their jobs will be when they get rid of us.
  • I had bought the Mars colony and had completed upgrading it but it is back to its starting phase and I cannot upgrade it.
  • yep, which is kind of funny in a horrible way. :( I am like "Oh, hi Gil. You certainly are a great visual representation for this bug. We don't want you and yet you keep coming back."
  • I had a similar thought the first time I got hit but after 3 times and horrible customer service this last time I no longer care. They need to fix it. They ought to start by looking at what could possibly prevent the character icon in the upper left from working. But I really don't believe they are even looking into this…
  • It works for as long as it lasts until you get the glitch again.
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