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  • I would expect it will happen over and over to those of us hit by it once already until EA fixes it or we give up on the game completely and spend our time and money elsewhere. But given how many people play the game it probably doesn't matter to EA if every person who gets hit with this quits.
  • I haven't but since that seems to need the character icon to work to take you to the character which is not working, if I read it correctly, I don't know if it would help but I will give it a go.
  • I am also not going to be spending any more money on the game for any of my three Springfields not just the one affected.
  • half an hour on the phone and no rollback, no rollback, no rollback, document what is missing and they will try to fix it. I may not have time to do all of that for a game and I have no idea how that would fix the character icon not working.
  • No, it does not. After the first rollback I was fine for months. The second rollback lasted little over 1 week before the bug got me again.
  • I have surrendered being able to do this event. It is very hard to walk away from 4 and a half years of playing but I don't see that we have any option if they don't fix it.
  • I've got it again. Take care all, but I am done with the game until it gets fixed.
  • They had me uninstall and clear cache then reinstall the game when they did my rollback the second time. The first time 5 months ago I got this was on my phone. I got a new tablet 6 weeks ago and have only been playing on that which got hit the second time last week. So I don't think the device matters.
  • The most disappointing part was how quickly and helpful they were to restore me when it happened (for the second time to me) yesterday. But apparently the issue is growing and getting worse. Maybe this is how our game dies.
  • Customer Service is sending people to the forums as the best way to reach the developers.
  • I wouldn't advise anyone to buy any donuts as long as this is going on especially now when you can get stuck unable to gain donuts and the CS response is to post your concern here on the forums. They actually tell people "I would suggest you to post the concern on EA official forum. Forums are the best platform to directly…
  • as some have reported, I got rolled back yesterday and now I can spend donuts but I cannot gain donuts. A really interesting bug that is. yep, I cannot add to my donuts. I can spend them but not get any. I guess I won't be spending any and I certainly will not be buying any donuts.
  • wow, lightning quick responses and the rollback fix from EA for me again. Fortunately a 2 day reset isn't a big deal since I tap way too much of my time but I do live in fear of it happening again. I really hope someone at EA has figured out how to fix this.
  • Well, I just got it again. Sent in an email to support. I may be done with the game this time.
  • Was there anything that you lost when they rolled you back that you then re-did? I am just curious because the only big thing I did before I got hit with it was finish the Dam so I decided to not re-do it just in case there was a connection to that. I can't imagine a lot of people have built the Dam which is why I fixated…
  • Got fixed about an hour ago via a rollback to last Thursday but everything is back to normal now. The support people were nice and once they determined that solution it wasn't long after I replied that it was okay to do it that it was done.
  • You're going to want to contact EA support as soon as possible. The fix will be to roll back your account to the last time it wasn't broken. Good luck.
  • the rolling back to fix it is why I haven't done much since it hit me Friday but I am getting concerned with Act 2 being live now about falling far behind. But that they helped you gives me a bit of hope.
  • It just hit me. great. Guess I will call EA and see how long this takes to be fixed.
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