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  • Nevermind I found the update. Although after the update, I noticed a snow glitch in my town similar to what jon0194 posted.
  • what update?
  • I don't know anything about any hack. I certainly don't have one in my game. I have no intentions of going against forum rules. I just heard about it and saw a picture of it for the simpsons tapped out and thought Id ask about it. So I'm sorry.
  • I love the night time scenery in our towns. Great touch for early Halloween. We need nigh time more often. Now if only we can get Krustyland into night time. Bet that would look really neat with a night time scene.
  • Makes more sense now, Thank you. And thanks for the picture examples that helped a lot too.
  • I have crafted a lot of stuff already. Can you simplify your reply. I dont understand. :?: BTW your mooning Bart picture is funny. :lol:
  • OMG I been playing this game like forever and I never knew about that yellow > this actually resolved my problem. I owe you a big thanks Krustybrand :thumbup:
  • Ok game is glitched. Been searching for it for a while now. Its not around. Seems I am only given the option to get prizes with donuts or cash. I have to spend my furniture to make more. Im being asked to create 80 furniture. Not sure what to do when the game requires me to create furniture and I cant because Im at an…
  • Mines fixed
  • Yeah Pinchy pinched the springfield city dump. Even though my dump was in the main springfield and Pinchy was in my springfield heights. Nasty crab. :mrgreen:
  • That did no good and I know this because the new update says we can no longer store the city dump in our inventory. I am having the same problem with the city dump too. All that happens when I tap on it is a squirrel runs around and sqweaks. As I am not the only one here having this problem, its safe to say we have another…
  • Im not trying to ruin it for everyone. I very much respect everyone's comments even if some seemed harsh toward me. Opinions do count Which is why I made this thread to begin with. Not wanting to step on anyones toes here but I just think that fighting even in a game is still practicing war. Although no one is really…
  • Can someone tell me what time this event ends based on "US mountain time"? Shows spacific times for the regular event but how much time do I have for Pinchy? Just says ends July 26th. Gives no time. I have so much trouble trying to figure out times for different timezones. Thanks.
  • Problem resolved. Daily challenges have changed and new challenges seem to work.
  • Nope nothing like that. My updates are all current.
  • I shaddowed out all my buildings so I can see behind them. Been searching for 4 hours. Im tellin you he isnt in my town either.
  • I dont know is that who they are? Chubby guys dressed all in brown like a cowboy that run real fast. I tap on them, They get roped and then the rope dissapears and they take off running again.
  • I wont give my exact location but I will say I'm in the USA.
  • Throwing out another idea here to help make this seem a little more realistic, I noticed with the casino stuff. Everything was done in levels and stages. Maybe we can do 1 natural desaster at a time as an event level. Level 1 is earthquake, Later on level 2 can be Tsunami, Level 3 can be Volcanos. Not sure if an idea like…
  • Wow a lot of people are replying to my request. I have somehow recieved all 5 keychains. I dont know what I did to get it but theyre all there now. I can now move onto the next chalenge.

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