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  • Definitely a local issue (Aus player here too). If you can, connect via a VPN so it uses another overseas EA server, and you can get in OK. (Even re-downloads correctly too, if you tried to re-install like I did.)
  • My dig site was paying out 2x "treasures" per layer (instead of 1) - the "rewards" page showed 1x treasure, but when the items pop out it registers as 2. Dunno whether it's 'cos my multiplier is now 100% (50 from decorations, 50 from Flanders' Tome). Other payouts were all correct. Made getting Mummy Wiggum ultra-easy.…
  • With the last patch, my crafting "unlocks" all got reset. Now none have the "ticked" icon as done (even though I have multiples of a lot of 'em), and my Haunted Crossroads is now locked, saying to unlock Act 2 prize (I've finished all of both the main prize currency set & the Old Ruins digging prizes). Strangely all the…
  • According to my spreadsheet, I got about 35k fangs & 1k incantations EXTRA from this just yesterday!! (60k fangs for the day) Great glitch!! If it was a bit easier to get bonuts from it, would be up there alongside the Tap Ball one. :tongue:
  • ^^ This. Seems like the minions now have a set "pop-order", so if the one you're tapping isn't top of the list, others off-screen start disappearing. Only noticed when a heap of fangs started "collected" floating across my screen to the total.
  • At just under 500%. Remember to pay for an XP Collider charge as well, to get 5x the XP.
  • Agreed!! Last time I did Bloodmobiles & got 800-odd donuts for my approx. $70m. This time using KEMs I got 1,900-odd for my $120m. Takes longer (did it over 3 days instead of 24hrs), but much better return.
  • Same. Week 1 of Android release, so just post-Valentines 2013.
  • Sea Captain can work at Great Plains when you unlock it (Prize #5). So if you miss this (like me), it's not the end of the world. :smile:
  • It's actually the same as all other events. Only the Act's prize currency increases - the "crafting currency" that's available (in this case, Sanctuary Grants) stays the same for the whole event.
  • Posted this under the "Secondary Quests" thread, but apparently it's "awaiting moderation"... :confused: So for Act 2 & 3's questline exhibits, you need to get > X% event bonus to finish Part 1 of the quest (as well as upgrade X times) - 20% for Baboon County in Act 2, 40% for Warmonger in Act 3. Trouble is, you won't have…
  • If I get more than one, it'll be of something that looks good as an "extended" zoo exhibit, like the savanna plains.
  • My S9+ is the same cut-off as S9 (from your screenshots). Both have an 18.5:9 aspect ratio (god knows why Samsung just made 'em taller for a weird ratio!!), but EA probably resize to fit as a 16:9 equivalent.
  • My thoughts: the 2nd prize isn't abnormally high - it's the first prizes that were all shifted to lower targets. All the others have a pretty consistent difference (8k-10k). I'd guess that the rides were made lower as otherwise, there's no point crafting parts for something you won't win 'til Day 3 of the Act. That's…
  • Aww. That pushes it out from midnight to 1am for me locally. :frowning: Will prob just get the surprises in the morning instead of staying up.
  • I'd love to know this too. Less than 4hrs for the Molloy deal. Will it be offered to all? (As otherwise he's stuck in the Vault, not in the general store at all) Will it be less than or more than 110 donuts (Vault price)?
  • ^^ This!! :frowning:
  • Personally I like the characters. But at 200 donuts (let's call it like it is - EA is doing a "used car salesman's pricing trick), the bar should have a multiplier or income!! If it had that - insta-buy. Without it, I'm second-guessing whether to buy or pass. 100 donuts per character is not a bargain (if the deco is…

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