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  • Thanks Fritter, it means a lot. :D I am not sure my addiction to the game will allow me to have a good time though. I have actually been playing this game daily since September, and not being able to play for several days will feel wrong. I lost my first town right after the Christmas update and now I am finally catching…
  • Thank you Fritter! :D I am sooo honored to have you as my neighbor. Your town is amazing! I rely like your new park/hospital area, it is so creative and beautiful. I love visiting your town daily and will be looking forward to your design of mr Burns Manor. Unfortunately I will go on a trip to Italy for a week and don’t…
  • Thank you for the warm welcome SlinkyBeads! This forum is a bit crazy for sure :wink: but also a great inspire for everyone I believe. I will try to keep my shyness in check and be a little more social.
  • Hi! This is my first time posting in the forum (a little shy) and I must say this is the best thread ever! I am grateful to have added beautiful towns to my friend list from this thread and it will be exciting to see what you will do with your towns in the future. Happy Tapping! :D
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