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  • Just had a clean-up of non-playing neighbours. Got a few spare spots if anyone wants to add me - Lmac201
  • Yep, agree with this. They've given out free donuts to everyone before when things were ridiculously unstable, so why not give us all another elf cave to help with the event. EA are you listening?
  • I started playing in September 2012, and was a full on completionist for a long time spending a fair bit on donuts, but turned freemium after the list of issues I've encountered became far, far, far too long. I still play daily during events, but in between events it's more like maybe only a couple of times a week. But…
  • Just had a big clean-up of inactive neighbours and have plenty of spots free if anyone wants to add me. Been playing for well over 2yrs, level 48 player. Cheers Lmac201 :)
  • Just checked and yep mine has definitely gone too. I'll keep an eye out for him in my neighbours towns though.
  • Haha, nice one. Yeah it must've been even funnier when he was facing forward. :)
  • Is this only for androids? Sounds like a good way to earn some petty cash!
  • What device do you play on? I'm sure someone here will know how to do it on whatever device you have, and it might be a handy thing for you to learn how to do anyway outside of the game. :)
  • Yep, I had a chat with EA support last night and the guy I spoke to ran through a checklist with me, none of it helped the task to clear, so he asked me to wait while he grabbed a a specialist who has the tools to edit the game. He handed me over to them, and they said it was an identified glitch happening to a few people,…
  • Thank you from me too. :) Had me puzzled!!
  • Any idea whether those who have been victims of the glitch will have to buy more dice to re-do it over again? Or will the task be bumped automatically?
  • Yeah she's definitely worth it, hopefully they re-release her for those who missed out before.
  • I'm taking a little extra time when I visit my neighbours just to stop and have a good look around their towns, instead of just rushing through. There are some great designs around, and lots of things that either make me smile or simply go "oh wow!" Mind you, with the current handshake glitch I don't even know if my…
  • Very nice catch! Thanks to the OP for finding and posting about it, I for one appreciated learning something :)
  • Wondered what was going on!! Just read through this thread and whilst I'm not pleased that it's happening to you all, it's kinda comforting to know I'm not the only one experiencing it and scratching my head... Getting plenty of notifications that neighbours have visited, but very, very few handshakes :( hope there's a fix…
  • I made it with just 1 day to spare, and in amongst that was a 14 day holiday, several days of which were spent out of mobile range. Pretty happy that I just scraped through :)
  • Ahhh crap. I just gave in and bought a truck load of donuts. I've got chester, the gold mansion, rocketcar and sped up a few stonecutters prizes... :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: Just the Satan's Anvil prize to go now. Need 3500 tokens but reckon I'll do that the freemium way. Damn you EA and your enticing ways.
  • I've been away for a couple of weeks, so am desperately trying to complete the stonecutters event without spending donuts - but not sure that's gonna be possible! So if it's a toss up between the mansion or speeding up the stonecutter prizes, stonecutters will win. I haven't got chester yet either :( That rocket car looks…
  • I was hoping more for a Gil donut sale too...

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