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  • Oh well, "the glitch" still not fixed. I'll keep dreaming.
  • Homer dancing in the beer spilling from the Duff truck.....love it.
  • I would suffer, happily and gleefully, through 10x as many crashes as that, if they would just fix "the glitch" for those of us who still have it. So many things wrong with my Springfield, that I have come to the conclusion will never work again as long as the game exists. My only remedy is to roll back 14+ months. I'd…
  • I have close to 200 and feel like my town is too crowded! I cant imagine doubling it.
  • Maybe this update will also fix "The Glitch" many of us still have! Probably not.
  • There are many that do. Myself included. Mine hit in March 2018. So unless I want to wipe out an entire year worth of progress, items, etc., I'll be stuck with this glitch forever.
  • I don't know why I still have doubts, since it seems straight forward, but I'll go ahead and ask anyway.... Lets say one has Golden Goose Realty, has lots of land to still unlock, and isn't in a rush to acquire all the new land. Then there is no reason to ever use cash to unlock new land squares. Is that correct? I have…
  • Gondola to take a pleasure cruise around the sacred plot.
  • Can't you temporarily move a job destination to the location you want them in? Then after the job ends, move it back and the character will remain? i.e. move Moes bar where you want him to be.....send Moe on a job there....after job move bar back?
  • For the non-adult characters, it would be great if every single one had the "try to win at blackjack" job. Most do, but a handful don't. That would make clearing my town down to a couple clicks. I send the kids to "attend wizarding school" to keep them all together too.
  • 2018 LOW: The "glitch". I refuse to relinquish 9+ months of time, effort and energy simply because EA refuses to fix it any other way except for a rollback or template town. Its the closest I've come to quitting for good. I'm resigned to playing a gimped, flawed game for as long as it exists. They have no intention of…
  • My multiplier currently stands at 287.95%. My "Righteousness" is only at 3.5 stars....need to work on that I suppose. The rest are at 5.
  • While it makes me feel better that I am not alone, it does not make me feel better that someone else has it even worse off than I do. In fact, it just makes me sad. Sad that the entire situation even exists. Sad they have never shown the slightest sign of remorse or regret for it occurring, and sad that they won't attempt…
  • Just want to second what @EllieGuseman said here. My "glitch" hit on March 30th of 2018. I recently went back and forth with EA support a week or so ago to see if they would attempt to fix it, without using a rollback or a template town. I was shot down repeatedly, and told no matter what, regardless of who got involved,…
  • I, like some others, have been playing with the dreaded "roll back glitch" (as named by players here) AKA the "idle character button issue" (as named by EA support). There are so many things I'll never be able to do in game ever again (monorail building, character finder, golden tower, etc. etc.). EA has no plans to fix,…
  • And just as a final nail in my coffin, here is the latest response to my ticket that just arrived.....from "Herrick E." at "EA Help" "As an employee who has been at EA for 5 years and is in a high level of support and direct access to developers for issues such as this, there is no other way to fix this issue. This…
  • I just had a phone conversation about this with EA. They told me that the only "good" backup for a rollback would be March 29 of this year.....so I would lose almost 9 months of work. Um, no, not going to happen. Then my case was raised to a specialist, and he said, multiple times, that my only choices were rollback or…
  • I'm still playing with a bugged game from the "glitch" that happened a while ago. I progressed too far to get a rollback, would have lost soooooo much stuff. It really sucks. I'll never get to build another monorail section, never use the people finder in the upper corner, never get my gold tower back, and lots of other…

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