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  • I also have no heart grinder as of yet even though I have seen posts from the Facebook page as well as push notifications telling me there should be one
  • just deleted about 25 inactive players i am a daily visitor (during events) add me Looney211
  • I have always been able to do it from my iPad don't know about phone though
  • You are so wrong at some point during this event I realized I would only have a chance to get Duff stadium at best but I also was fine with that because so what I missed a few prizes. oh well I have more important things I need to spend money on at this time. I have bought donuts several times so that arguement is also…
  • Forced you to spend donuts? They put a gun to your head and said you better buy donuts and use them to speed things up to,get things that were free? I can understand feeling angry because you chose to do it and then they extended it but in the end you used the donuts because you didn't want to potentially miss out on free…
  • that is basically exactly what I came here to say the only way they make the 400 some odd donut theory is if you bought the money with donuts so not worth it
  • It happens to me occasionally I go to my friends page and back and they have always reappeared
  • My problem is I saw it on a few friends places and thought it was a great idea for a few barrels and a radiation pool on the border between the power plant and Cletus farm however Lisa had other ideas the next time I expanded and tried to clean it up she went right there and cleaned the ones I was trying to keep lol
  • I am totally guilty of this I say that's it then like half an hour maybe an hour later i think to myself oh yeah such n such building should be ready or so n so character/ quest should be done and I go right back in. I have heard it said here before but this game being " life ruiningly fun" is the truest statement about a…
  • I have to admit I'd say in the last five years or so aside from the treehouse of horror episodes the only two shows I have watched were the Fat Tony and cool Homer ones (cross promotion ftw) lol I own a few of the older seasons on DVD and those work just fine for my fix usually although the cool homer episode felt like the…
  • God I hope so " I choo choo choose you" is my second favorite quote besides " my mouth tastes like burning" and " my cats breath smells like cat food"
  • Hahahaha well that certainly does explain it. can't believe I forgot about that.
  • Yes released in Feb. removed in March and put back out fixed in June or July I'm not trying to argue I'm just saying telling everyone that works there that they suck because they have had server issues for a few days is impatient and ridiculous. Also a few people having some issues you can't prepare for so saying ten…
  • I can deny that. I have not had a single problem with this game since they re released it in July until now and sure they should have figured out that adding a social element in an update was gonna cause a friending frenzy and they should have beefed up before hand but that hardly makes them suck , just underprepared.
  • Angry Birds is not even close to the same kind of game you don't have friends you don't even have to be online to play it. you just compared an apple to an orange
  • To be fair the search function is shoddy at best it's a BUMPy road on this forum
  • It would also help if we could delete our own posts because I thought I had a specific problem before I realized that it was connected to the community wide problem and I would have gladly removed it upon figuring that out.
  • At least I know I'm not the only one that its happening to It says welcome Username but no Origin icon to tap ethier place it should be to figure it out
  • As I'm rapidly approaching 100 with about 50 to start today there have been 4 or five that I kept getting an error for when I accepted them , or well tried to I had no choice but to decline those few but like everyone else I must recommend the Christmas add me thread then they will come to you
  • Add me daily player (sometimes hourly lol) and visitor Looney211
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