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  • Beyond "I bet shes wild behind the scenes" nothing overly offensive, I also dont see the whole sterotype thing, just sounds like Josh has a fetish
  • I have only read the first page and am shocked to hear someone this upset about tile tapping. I can understand not being ok with people who hack to get unlimited donuts because those who play legit spend their hard earned money for them, but tile tapping isn't even on the same level as donut hackers.
  • This solution was short lived, im back to the cannot connect to server every 30 seconds after getting in my town. But playing on my droid, syncing and then switching to the ipad does seem to help for a little bit.
  • Spoke to soon, it was running great on the ipad for several minutes but now its back to the bart screen every 30 seconds after I get in my town :evil:
  • I had a cannot connect to the server problem tonight every minute or less I was getting the bart screen on my iPad. I did a uninstall and reinstall but I also logged on my town on my phone(android) while waiting for the reinstall/updates and now its working like a charm. If you have two devices try that, idk if it has to…
  • I had no problems after the update but tonight on my ipad 4 it was crashing to the.cannot connect to server screen every 30 seconds or.so after getting in to my town. I removed pending friends, still no luck. I did a uninstall and reinstalled, while updating the game on ipad I got on my galaxy note 2 and.played for.several…
  • Another bonus to this approach is the speculation that on Christmas day we get the bonus according to spanser so we would benefit from opening the most gift bags on Christmas day. I think it doubles the gift card drop
  • If you have more than one feeder town you should see what happens when you tap the egg nog bar spin coin with multiple towns than collect and see if you get extra coins
  • But more importantly, if someone else tapped the coin when visiting before you collected it would you have gotten two?? Anyone with a few feeder towns and a coin.available really should check into this.
  • Does it count towards consumerism?
  • Storage items don't count against the limit which I believe is capped at 7500
  • I wonder if that's new or if I just assumed it could only go on squidport..... Also I was just thinking how everyone complains about a lack of female characters so that's another reason to get her.
  • I use her for speeding up corn, but i swear after it takes the 4hours off when she starts the task they get added back on before the task is done.
  • I thought the purchase was worthwhile, she only has I think 2 outdoor tasks, but one is on squidport(selling peanuts) which to me is nice because my squidport is often empty. Considering jumbo is 120and he's permanent I thought the 100 for a limited time character was close to reasonable with the way they have been jacking…
  • Can anyone "not playing the tile game" explain why not. Do they enjoy waiting another 8months too get all tiles? Prefer to waste donuts rushing them? The only valid excuse is not being the right level to build squid port.....
  • In addition to the 5 donuts you get for sure every 100 games. There is a small percentage chance of winning randomly. Sounds like you got lucky :)
  • Being that this is the official ea forum and this thread has 35k views I'm pretty sure ea knows. It's a mater of time until it's fixed so I look at it like this, the word needs to get out and get out quick the more people knowing the more people tapping tiles before it's fixed.
  • I'm surprised sites like tstotips or even tstonews haven't posted A article or something about this tile deal, the more people know the more likely they are Ito start checking squid port first when visiting instead of just tapping they first three buildings they see.
  • I'm hearing that possibly, it hasn't been confirmed, but we may be able to get more than the max 155 or so tiles with this new trick so there might not be a "done" until we get a patch or cover the ocean in tiles.
  • Thanks! I'm slowly visiting everyone to tap and * out towns that are inactive or just quite frankly ugly where everything is in a big pile in the middle. I'm noticing about 1/3 of my friends have squid port tiles waiting, im glad to see people who are a also taking advantage of this situation plus it means they will likely…
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