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  • If you play online enough you'll run into people who are there intentionally to ruin the lobby and the game for the others. Imagine that. Someone is using their free time to destroy the experience for others because they are so frustrated with EA and want revenge. Have you ever seen this in any other game? EA doing nothing…
  • What you described is Ice Tilt and it is not some ingenious system put in place that represents the Goalie getting hot. It's been in the game since 93. If the CPU determines that it needs to score it will. When the time comes, a shot from anywhere will result in a goal. This is the way it was back in the day and parts of…
  • I loved the custom music option. I spend countless hours acquiring the proper goal songs, into music...etc. Now, I play with all music off. I disable the audio for custom goal horns, all of it. It's really gone down hill.
  • Every single element in this franchise is broken, all the way from the menu's to the audio...but most importantly gameplay. Bottom line is they need to make the game fun again and right now it can be hit and miss.
  • I brought this up in a similar discussion awhile back and a Dev commented that it was something they were looking into. Lets hope they fix it for NHL20.
  • I have a video I took last night that I can add later today if needed. 1. Puck first is not a penalty. 2. It's not tripping if the person doesn't trip!
  • But we've got goalie fights, chewing on mouth guards and hundreds of idiotic goal celebrations! yaaa! [Socair - edited excessive “a” out from “yaaa”]
  • Not sure what your specific issue is Ivan and can't offer any advice for you but can confirm that the symptoms you've mentioned are connection related. One sign of a laggy game is not picking up the puck or having it constantly jump your stick. Also, the image you posted of having 35ms response time; In my experience,…
  • If you go back and play one of the NHL's from the 90's Ice Tilt is 100% coded into the game. When playing against the CPU, there would come a point where you knew that if it gets a shot (from anywhere on the ice) it is going to result in a goal. It was very easy to see and indisputable.
  • checking updating player class checking checking roster updates updating player class checking updating player class checking Agree with the OP. This game has been in production for 26 years. Why is every single feature in the game broken?
  • Agree with the OP on the subject. The color wheel would should provide the RGB value of the selected colors so we can write them down and reproduce them when needed. Removes the guess work and is something we can take with us to the next edition.
  • EA's NHL is the only game I have ever loaded with the intent to play online, not been able to get a decent match, and turned off to go play something else.
  • All these suggestions are terrible. Cut all the crap and customization. Don't add anything new. FIX THE BLOODY CORE GAMEPLAY! You've been making this game for 30 years and you still don't have the rules correct!
  • Implement a system that encourages players to restart/rebuild their skater for cosmetic perks. Something similar to CoD prestige. It resolved the issues that caused EA to remove the "Build a Character" system while giving users more depth and customization to their skater.
  • EASHL assumes your club's arena is in North America. You can paint the railings and stair color but you can't choose which flags hang in your arena? Hmm.
  • Put more animation into the skating. Defensive Defenseman and Snipers should not skate the same or have any of the same animations. All player types shoot the same, pass the same, get up from a hit the same. It's just wrong. 200 unique goal celebrations yet everyone skates the same. That is a bad development decision.
  • EASHL 6's is the only game mode I play.
  • Hockey is a team sport. The only tournament that has any merit would be EASHL.
  • Changing the size of the ice is not the solution. The size of the ice and players should be physically accurate. The game needs to slow down to give you more time. I bought a sega genesis for the soul reason of playing NHL 93 normanethan. Glad I'm not the only old f

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