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  • MTPKP Max level, daily player, just purged my friends list.
  • Anyone in need of a neighbor who has rushed to the real start, add me. I just deleted about a dozen or so inactives.
  • Level 45. Play every day, been awhile since I cleared inactive neighbors, should be able to open up twenty spots or so.
  • I rushed the same as OP cost me 12 donuts total. Very confused by the teleporter, what does it do exactly? Just move you to the other side of town? Seems silly unless I'm missing something.
  • I think the original Alien is one of the more suspenseful and unsettling movies ever made. Horror movies in any form or subgenre rarely scare me at all as I struggle greatly to suspend the disbelief in any movie and that is probably more important in horror movies than any other genre.
  • "Weird aliens"? Because xenomorphs are totally normal?
  • Alien is one of the best horror movies ever made.
  • You can sit on it pal. Every holiday event thus far I've gotten 100% of the content with little to no real money spent, this change was unexpected and comes off as greedy, if you don't see it that way...good for you and your bend over and take it mentality.
  • What exactly was I expecting? I don't know, a little more than I got I guess. A more concrete answer of who to actually conplain to maybe? I'm not especially tech, or even internet savvy,(don't even own a computer, just a smartphone and a tablet) I searched for ten minutes looking for the appropriate channel for a…
  • I didn't believe it was a totally unreasonable assumption that ~30 opened boxes that I paid for(plus how many others I earned from plsying everyday) would deliver all the prizes. Your point though, is ultimately correct, lesson learned, I'm out on spending any money on future chance based events.
  • My only real conplaint was that he ended the chat rather abruptly and really did nothing for me. Look, I get that the guy was only doing his job and was definitely following a script. My problem was not with him, and yes he was courteous, but rather that this chat that accomplished nothing was the closest I could come to…
  • I've been playing for just under a year and this event is BY FAR the worst. I have all the prizes apart from Hugs and Shary and have been needing just those two for a week or more I have spent at least 600 donuts, 150 of which has been on gold eggs over the past day and a half, that's what 27 gold boxes just from that and…
  • Getting tired and angry, I've fortunately only spent like $50 on this event, still lacking Sherry and Hugs Bunny, oh but I have about 70 easter fences, 12 pastel fences, 15 ponds, 20 egg piles and 2 beach blankets..so glad to have all that crap... Did find the fabrege egg like a week ago... this event officially sucks.
  • Purging inactives, level 40, play at least three times daily, currentlyhave a half dozen or so baskets that need to be filled.
  • I'm getting baskets, no one is filling them...
  • I'd like to have the ability to drag, select and move sections of my Springfield. My "Burns compound" fenced in, hedge maze, surrounding trees etc. is huge, I'd like to move it, but it would be too time consuming moving it piece by piece. I'd also love a "draft mode" where I can make changes that only I can see and then…
  • I built brown houses to the point where it would take me five minutes to complete a round through the farm so that if I had some time to kill I could spend 20 minutes farming constantly and make some serious money and XP. I had 370 brown houses and just kept expanding, I don't own all the land yet, but have begun selling…
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