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  • I deleted my game today but will check this forum every day for a while and re-download if they ever do an other update. There's just no reason for me to have the game on my phone anymore.
  • At this point, I firmly believe that if this were simply down time to work on things, gather new ideas, develop new game mechanics, etc, then they would have surely posted something somewhere to that effect. They have nothing to gain by causing us to wonder if the game is over. I haven't logged into my game in days and am…
  • This is my strategy too. SH is loaded with my elf house farm and my BBQ pig farm, trying to keep regular Springfield clean in case I ever actually do any designing.
  • Up to about 3200%. It was a tough call between the snowballs or the elf homes--as I could prob be up over 5000% if I went with the cats--but I decided on elf homes for the event. I now have a humongous elf house farm which is generating a ton of cash and XP.
  • This is me. I basically only buy BBQ pigs from the vault. I'm trying to replace all my flags with BBQ pigs. But the elf home must be purchased while it is available. I'm trying to replace my entire house farm with an elf home farm. I considered going all in on Snowballs. Not really sure what the right call is. You could…
  • Doesn't look like it. Guess you'll have to wait another year.
  • They could have just done nothing and none of you would have had any idea. No good deed goes unpunished, indeed.
  • Really not expecting anything today, it's almost always Tuesday, or maybe Wednesday. When was the last big event release on a Monday?
  • We have Entemann's donuts at work today. Meh.
  • My impression from LPN's event page was that this would last until Saturday night/Sunday morning.
  • Actually, I'm going to take this one step further and say that the hollow log is the highest powered item this game has ever offered. For 4 squares, you get 2.75% bonus and $300 and 30 XP every 12 hours. For the Wall, for 5 squares you get 2.25% bonus and the same payouts. The Elf home takes up like 12 squares, so not…
  • Depends how far along you are. The JEB and mystery box are cheaper alternatives to raise your percentage, but won't generate premium payouts like the log. If your farming abilities are already pretty well advanced, IMO, don't waste your time with JEBs and mystery boxes. The logs not only offer more % boost per real estate…
  • I've bought several. I already owned one, so I've never gotten a rebate. You only get it on the first one.
  • It's a pretty good deal even without the rebate. This is an item in that very short list of elite items like the Wailing Wall and the Elf Home that provide premium payouts and a good multiplier with a very small imprint. If you want to increase the earning power of your town, this is an item that you should be snapping up…
  • Confused. Help a brother out.
  • The game has really sidelined neighbor visits. Once you have all the neighbor prizes and reach a certain level in the game, neighbor visits contribute almost nothing meaningful to cash, donuts, event currency, and it takes a while. Sorry, neighbors, I don't plan on visiting all that often. Probably explains why you have so…
  • I'm in. I could have easily done this last week with the purchase of 3 more knight boats, but I didn't want to get in that way. After sitting on 995% for a week or so, I decided to join the club in style with my first purchase of a whale. Big guy looks pretty good.
  • Exactly. The fact that they already did this and then surprisingly reverted back makes me think KEM farming is here to stay. For what it's worth, I was OK with their decision when they nerfed it, but this was, I believe, at the same time as the Beach Hideaway disaster, where they drastically reduced the multiplier after…
  • I'm at 940% or so. As soon as I've purchased all the characters, I'm probably going to switch to Rat Trap Trucks or whatever, every once in a while. And probably soon after that I'll store the ugly SH buildings I don't want. The higher your % gets, the harder the grind gets. So many KEMs, so many donut boxes. When I was…
  • The boat is obviously more cost effective than the whale and it is very slightly more space efficient by my calculations. Are there any other multiples that go on water that compare? Not counting beach house stuff...
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