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  • Now Only if I can get the church quest level 17 still nothing from Ned ? Anybody know anything ? Can't seem to get it let then walk around a bit here and there but nothin now heading to 18 and nothing :( Btw add me daily Player
  • Well it's nice to know they actually fixed something . It was so bad and glitchy I wanted throw phone through my window and smash it with a hammer lol . Didn't want to buy any donuts or anything cause couldn't do anything didn't want to waste the money . Anybody else still having issues or is everybody good now ?
  • tell me about it. im more confused now affter reading the forum . and i have an iphone where is this multi task bar you talked about
  • game is great but then got super glitchy and now they are rambling on about 60 donuts and 48 hours offline but there is no follow up so im a little lost again ty in advance
  • so if i delete them all my disconnections will stop ? and what about general disconnections while playing ?? is it all connected or is that something else ?
  • dont care so much about starting my friend list if necessary and just refriending but what about my progress and stuff including halloween stuff and stuff i paid for ? all gone if i start over so much information and speculation and no clear cut answers please help ty in advance :?
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