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  • Ok I’ll check that. But the thing is that when I get locked out as I have in the past, it locked me out of my towns on ALL my devices and my iPad, for example, has hardly anything on it: maybe three apps but no photos or anything else. So I can’t believe it’s a true storage/space issue.
  • Yes, I tried that several times. I did manage to get back in but I still can’t get Kodos out lol. If it’s not one thing...it’s another :-)
  • THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE INFO AND SUGGESTIONS!!!! You are all soooo helpful and supportive. I can’t log in to the game until after work but I will definitely try everything suggested here!! Thank you!! Side note: I heard from EA and they said I should “simply” store the Simpson’s house and log out. Way to not even know…
  • Thank you (all of you!) for the replies. I did just send a message to EA so I’m hoping they can fix it. I’ve had such strange glitches with my game, it almost seems like a virus hit it, but I don’t even know that is possible lol. Anyway thanks to all who replied here. I appreciate it!!
  • Nope, it won’t let me. It’s telling me that task is locked. Sighhh. I have a request for help in with EA. Maybe they’ll help me. I don’t know what else to do.
  • Let me see if I can send him with Kang. I doubt it will let me because Kodos is locked away but good lol...but I’ll try!
  • Yeah I do. Maybe I’ll clean that out again. Thanks for the suggestion.
  • It’s pretty new. iPhone X. It FINALLY let me into the game after downloading a crazy huge amount of space but now Kodos is stuck in the Simpsons house and I can’t get him out LOL.🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ I feel like my game has a virus.🙄
  • I did but he’s still stuck. It’s the crashed one, right?
  • Sorry, I just needed to vent. I love this game and I’m frustrated.
  • I’ve tried everything under the sun. I’m assuming I’ll jist have to wait til the Valentines event ends and the game updates. That’s what happened in December. I’m so over EA. :(
  • @daved7637397 I appreciate your reply and everything you said. EA has done NOTHING but give me the run around. I am definitely getting outsourced because of the fact that I can usually only call after my work hours. I can hardly understand them and they seem very disinterested in helping me because they keep giving me…
  • @EllieGuseman I have done all of that (some of it several times). Nothing helps. They also won’t roll back my game. They considered that the last time this happened but then wouldn’t do it. The same thing happened to me in December during the holiday event and I had to wait until the event was over to get back in. EA has…
  • @Surfcitygal yeah I tried that on both devices and nothing happened.
  • @EllieGuseman if I hit continue it seems to be loading but the numbers never get past a certain point and it just “loads” for ages but isn’t actually loading. So really nothing happens lol
  • @EllieGuseman I’ve tried all of that and nothing works. Thanks for the links though! I appreciate the help! But the thing that gets me confused is that I’m also locked out on my other device (which has absolutely no storage issues) so it seems like a bug in my own town. :(
  • Hahah! At least I know what mystery boxes are; the MB I am actually referring to is like another language to me lol. :D
  • Not exactly that message but similar. Let me see if I can figure out how to share a photo lol
  • Wow. Just wow. They really stink. The first guy I spoke to CLEARLY had no idea what to do so he sent me a link to a help page on their website and said it would definitely help me; but the link just listed things I had told him I had already tried and that nothing has worked. The second guy sent me here. So I’m honestly…
  • It’s not the phone because I’m having the same issue on another device so EA says it’s a bug. Hopefully they can fix it soon.
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