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  • I’ve been playing live since Live 95. I was forced to play 2K maybe around 2K14. I went back to Live with Live 18. I’m trying to hold it down but another year with no info no release dates, not anything. I’m playing Madden now but it’s gonna be tough when 2K drops. I need to play basketball. This will be 2 years behind. No…
  • I’m NBA Live all day and here’s why. If you’re still playing Live 19, they are constantly updating the game. This past week I’m seeing and feeling the difference when playing online head to head. More player control. Better response time. AI is better. Cut scenes. Fade-aways. Post movement. They’ve cut down on easy 3 point…
  • Wishlist: 1. Updated Rosters. Give us an option to pay for updated rosters. 2. Make court battles online 3. ONLINE FRANCHISE CO-OP (fantasy draft, commissioner, etc). This game is good. Please just update it and let the people who want to pay for it pay for it. I can’t play 2K.
  • Can we have an updated roster please? I think a lot of people loved Live 19 and are willing to pay for a roster update. I’m willing to pay. I can’t play 2K i just can’t but I would to have the updated rosters. Just work on Live 19. If you’re playing it still there are changes I’m seeing. I’m seeing things I’ve never seen…
  • Yeah I’m a little nervous too. I hope they drop Live 20. The game is nice. I wish there was an Online Franchise mode. That’s much needed. There’s good competition out there. I would love to play a season with other users. Also is there a way we could download this current updated roster???
  • Online Franchise is much needed!!!!
  • I’m glad they updated the roster and the ability to play with the updated rosters online.
  • If the Raptors win and Kawhi stays it should be Kawhi. If not then I say go get Zion
  • If the Raptors win it should be Khawi
  • I voted online play. I’m really hoping for Court Battles to be online and to have an Online Franchise mode with multiple users, Fantasy Draft option, League owner and co league owner. If Court Battles was online I think this mode will gain more traction. The game is good. I would love to play a franchise online with…
  • NBA Live 20 Online Franchise please. Live Run: Be able to play in NBA Arenas Court Battles Online
  • Use the companion app they used for Live 18. That one worked perfectly
  • Also for NBA Live 20 Live Run. If you’re the captain and according to your rank level you should be able to cycle through other cpu players to select from to play with you 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿
  • I agree, it should be for all players. It should be triggered by either having a combination of buttons pressed or the player automatically does it being added to their trait. I wouldn’t mind seeing the High Flyer dunkers be able to jump a little higher when on break aways and fast breaks just like Zion. Exaggerate it a…
  • Could we make this Online? Could we get an Online Franchise please!!!
  • Let’s settle this right now...Zion Williamson should be the cover athlete for NBA Live 20. Ijs, that would crush 2K. Go get him NBA Live. Really incorporate his high flying dunking capabilities in the game. Work on these signature moves more by NBA Stars. Make a Zion Williamson path to follow to see if your player can…
  • I haven’t left a comment in a while. The game is nice. I like where Live is going with this. However there’s always room for improvement. Here are my suggested updates for NBA Live 20 1. Online Court battles: 1 vs 1, 3 vs 3, or 5 vs 5 users. If this can be played online this would be played tremendously. 2. Shot clock…
  • Agreed, and make it online!!!! I would love to play the playoffs against other users online
  • What’s up with these step back 3’s or if you get your 2 feet right you hit a 3 or get a foul. I literally had a guy hit like 10 3’s with PG13. I’m playing defense all on him or the cpu is playing defense. Hands up and jumping sometimes. Like wow. Gotta fix that

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