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  • I’m loving the game guys. Keep on improving. We’ll get there. Loving the online head 2 head play and 3vs3 & 5vs5 play. NBA Live 20 Wishlist: An Online Franchise is needed with commissioner options to choose legends or current players. Also make a connected franchise with your The One player. Connected franchise with other…
  • As far as Online Head to Head play, what happened to the AI awareness. It’s super hyped up. You can play off ball the entire game and let the computer do everything for you. The computer is recovering too fast and knows everything even if you have them beat
  • Increase dunk contact, increase block shots, increase in air collisions, decrease speed of big men, fix issue with delayed passing, more game breakdowns by quarters & halves. Add options to purchase more sneakers. I’m seeing sneakers others have and we should be able to purchase those. Could we have court battles be online…
  • Could we have an Online Franchise. User controlled. Commissioner options. Co-commissioner option. Regular teams, include legends, or include your The One player. Fantasy draft. I think an Online Franchise is much needed and would take the game to the next level
  • Now that they’ve fixed the shot contest. It feels more realer. I can actually play defense and not have to stick to my man like glue and still get a 3 shot in my face
  • How can one player score all of the points, without missing a single shot. Turn up the speed for when you press the speed button. It’s like I’m walking around to play basketball and doing moves with out any speed.
  • Can we get some fatigue please. Defense is non existent. I have to play super super tough defense and can be right on the man and he still shoots a 3. Steph Curry can make all of his shots and have 60 points wat Edited for language. - EA_Cian
  • You know what, after playing some more it is too slow but during certain situations. Like on fast breaks once you’ve gained momentum it’s like it’s a racing match. That’s too fast. But it is too slow when playing in the half court. When you get your opponent and know you can blow by them with some speed but it’s takes so…
  • Honestly I think they’re trying to balance it out. But I think they need to cater more towards Online Gaming. We would love for Court Battles to be online vs another user or users. We would love for their to be an Online Franchise. Me personally offline gaming is cool but it gets boring once you figure out the cpu. New…
  • Do you think it’s too slow? I think it’s too fast and needs to be slowed down. At least the speed button. Or players need to get tired really fast and need to be benched
  • I’m in dire need of an Online franchise. The game needs that
  • Turn down the 3 point attempts sheesh. You can play excellent defense and be right on the person and they still will hit the shot cause the made it to a spot in time. Like wow. Nobody gets tired. We need to see some fatigue.
  • Pros: The game looks great. The modes are nice. However like Doc187XL said above. We were under the impression we would be playing against other users not the cpu. Online mode would be 10x better. Also as mentioned above the game starts to feel unrealistic. I thinks that’s due to the speed. I’m speaking from Online Head to…
  • Timeouts are need for Live Run 5 vs 5. Make a captain & co captain. Could there be multiple players in a lobby and a group of teams go at it while others wait on the side or around the sideline and winners stay on... The game is nice. Need more...Online Franchise
  • 1. Allow 5 vs 5 to a game of 21. 2. Add an Online Franchise Mode 3. Court battles online
  • 1. Allow 5 vs 5 to a game of 21. 2. Add an Online Franchise Mode
  • Yes I saw that on Live 18. When I preordered it through Live 18 it said I can get all of this stuff. 33% off, Gold ball, Joel Embiid, etc. and it said play it on 9/5. I’ve never done a digital copy ever ever. But to play this 2 days early I was with that. Now I have to wait. And of course when i go into Live 18 they don’t…
  • We played local (side by side). Live has Online Head to Head matches but it needs an Online Franchise. With a fantasy draft. Commissioner options. Different season lengths. Option to include your player if you like or include legends. Playoffs. Finals. Trading. Etc.
  • So playing “Play Now” vs my cousin. It’s nice. Like it’s flowing nice. He says it’s really good and he’s a straight 2K player. Good job guys. Does the full mode have an Online Franchise???? Please???? We need that. This game is crazy
  • After that 1.03 patch update. Slow it down just a tad and it’ll move nicely. We’re only at a 73 rating, imagine the speed when your player gets better

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