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  • Thank you so much for compiling the list! Scrolling around town changed too - or am I the only one? Previously I could swipe and let go and the camera would keep moving for a while. Now it stops nearly immediately, and you have to wait till it stops to swipe again. Makes moving around the town really slow and tedious :(
  • I sent a ticket to EA about this issue and they obviously didn't even read it, since the response was instructions on how to log in the game if your main device gives you an error. EA customer service is a joke.
  • Add MayDaysGame, just got rid of a lot of neighbors. I play multiple times a day.
  • I completely agree with gozerfreak... During the chili event I really wanted Space Coyote, but since it was just a small event I knew something bigger is coming really soon (which it did) and I didn't buy anything. Now that I see how much of a hassle this event is I will not be spending ANYTHING before Halloween, since…
  • I'd like most of the suggestions mentioned above, but I'd be happy if I could just scroll down the general inventories (buildings, decorations) without Springfield Heights stuff everywhere. Each Heights building has million pieces, not to mention stored decorations, and while I know they can be found in their own category…
  • I don't know how you guys are already done with the reward track (freemium player, spending all day in this game) and while I think the even in general might be too long, the acts certainly aren't giving us too much time to get all the rewards. Especially if there be bonuts for you quick ones. I'm barely hanging on with…
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