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  • Umm, half of 4 is 2.
  • This is broken installation script and not a storage issue. The installation script is looking at the total space needed for the game (~1.2GB) and errors out when the available space is less than that. The updates install only a 5-50MB of new updates, not the full game.
  • Probably not concrete blocks, but adobe bricks that were quite easily made and around for thousands of years. This building technique was used extensively by the Pueblo tribe well before any settlers showed up.
  • Same thing happened to me on a Dell Venue 8 Android 5.1 tablet when I was loading the first patch update for the Wild West event. I had 0.96GB of free space, but I had to move data to the SD card and deleted some unused apps to get over 1.35GB of free space before it would install. Looks like the compute algorithm is…
  • I just noticed the same thing about the Rich Texan having a job when the craze is set to Riled Up. He produces 64 hats versus 32 hats for the others. This isn't available with the craze is set to Overpriced Supplies. I checked to see if Paris Texan was usable for this craze and she wasn't
  • I really wish when people reported glitches they would say what device they are using as there might be something common to a specific device or platform that would help the developers resolve the problem.
  • Squidport tiles are not in the inventory, they are shown on the left hand side of the build mode screen along with roads, pavement, and rivers.
  • No one know for sure. I believe that Act 1 will continue as is until it is completed and Santa Hats will be still be earned as they are now until it is complete. I believe that this happened in past events and the text below Act 1 prizes says that "New Prizes Will Be Added in x days x hours x minutes" and not that "Act 1…
  • In past couple of events if you hadn't finished an Act it would continue even after the next Act started. The text below the Act 1 prizes says "New prizes will be added in 2d 07h 55m 12s". I think that you will continue to be able to collect the Santa Hats until you have gotten the last prize at which point you can…
  • Cletus's decorating task was to start after Homer finished decorating the Simpsons house and the Merry Makers were unlocked for tapping along with the notification that you could buy the Burns White Witch skin. Lisa starts the dialog, but she didn't need to be free I believe and no you can't store her or Homer. Last…
  • You didn't explicitly state this, but it sounds like you did check Cletus's Farm, Van Houten and Church skins and you don't have the "Festive" versions. Note: That is the English version name and it might be different if you are using another language. Since you can't try storing the farm due to growing Christmas corn your…
  • It sounds like you may have rushed the events with doughnuts and are simply at the end of Act 1 waiting for Act 2 to start. Are you sure that you haven't forgotten that you rushed through the three tasks, or if you were doing this during the first couple of days they only took 60secs each? Check Cletus's Farm to see if you…
  • Same here, it happens every time a new black friday deal comes up. Forcing a close of the app fixes it for me. It's still very annoying.
  • I don't understand all of the hate for this event. Yes there has been an issue with the ACT 3 spawning of nightmares that created a lot of angst around being able to complete this week's shopkeeper challenges, but that appears to have been resolved now and with a moderate size neighbor pool there should have been 30…
  • I'm surprised that Jesse Grass isn't allowed to participate with the rest of the kids.
  • Yup, searched through everything. In the case of Milhouse he was definitely no longer in the game and I had to buy the house back again. Still waiting for the 24 hour build to complete. The EA help chat said/says "wait time is under 5 minutes" for the last 90+ minutes. :-(
  • I think that some people are over stating the effect that the increasing house prices will have on players. I have never house farmed, but I do have about 6-10 of each of the houses and Kwik-E-Marts in order to get to a five star rating. Sure there were some times when I was hurting for money in order to build the next…
  • Bumping this in the hopes that it gets fixed. Very annoying to have it switch to the wrong spot in the task lists when assigning tasks to everyone.
  • The OP appears to be high level player, someone that bought a few advantages and played well by dropping the grem-alien eggs into a feeder town to get the maximum benefit. This leaves the only weak part of their game, playing only 3 a day. The aliens would fill up the town every 4 hours or 6 times a day and in the last…
  • It was doing this every single time about 6 months ago to the point where I would never do the scratcher, but than a release fixed it. The crash is back again, but at least it works after the game has restarted. BTW, the same happens with the Balloon Popper in Krustyland for me. This is on my old iPad 1 on my Android 4.4…

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